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Determined to Steal

Updated on March 21, 2017

Chapter 7

Determined to Steal

When everybody had gone to sleep, Bombastic, Claver and Malady met with their Business associates from Rattails and Magana to discuss changes in their original plan of breaking into the food stores in the middle of the night. “Is there anyone among us who leaked our burglary scheme to Freddie?” asked Bombastic.

“We have just lost three comrades because of our obsession with stealing. Why don’t we stop? Why do we want to continue putting ourselves in the same dangerous situation?” asked Claver.

“That is our destiny. We cannot change that.”

“Then snares and traps will stop you.”

“We don’t need prophets of doom.”

“We need to introduce ourselves first. I don’t think we’ve met,” said Regain.

“You are Migraine from Magana, let’s move on,” said Bombastic.

“But who are you?”

“Traitors, pirates, rebels, thieves, robbers, anything you want to call us. We are used to that. But come back in a month because it seems Freddie found out about our robbery plot.”

“You must be out of your mind! Do you think that we traveled all these miles, carrying all these heavy bags, to be told to come back in one month? That is not how business works! We are not leaving without our grains,” said Migraine angrily as he hit his bag against the tree.

“Partners, calm down! Everything is under control. I am the security chief and nobody can come close to the food stores without getting clearance from me. There will be no new plan. I know how to handle Freddie. Let’s proceed with our original plan,” said Claver.

Then the gang of three escorted their business counterparts to the storages where they were able to steal the remaining food leaving the stores completely empty. After receiving intelligence briefings from his spies, Freddie found out that Bombastic, Claver and Malady were involved in the wrecking of the food bank and the stealing of the produce. Then he called a press conference to brief the community about his findings.

“Friends, it has come to my attention that the destruction of our food depot was organized by some traitors among us.”

“Mr. President, for over a year now, we have been telling you that your friends were our worst enemies, but you refused to believe us,” said Tally.

“You don’t need to remind me about that. I have all the intelligence information. I know their business dealings with our adversaries.”

“Your Excellency, what they are talking about us is just lies,” said Bombastic while wagging his finger in disagreement. “We are smarter than they are. They can blackmail us all they want, but without three of us, they can’t function effectively.”

“We can function without you!”

“How can you do that?”

“From this day forth, all of you have been fired.”

“Please don’t send us away,” pleaded Claver.

“It is over! You have to go. And I ’m warning everybody here today: effective immediately, anyone who associates or does business with these three pirates will do it at his or her own risk. Moving forward, the farm, the factory, as well as our security affairs will be under the supervision of Bob, my military chief.”

“I would like to thank Freddie for trusting me with such an important mission. The first thing I want to do on my first day in office is to try to bring those who stole our food to justice. Social programs to make our community healthy and literate will also be on my priority list. This year should be different. Our territory must flourish in every aspect.”

The next day everybody embarked on their daily routines. For over four months, the whereabouts of Bombastic, Claver and Malady were not known. Some of their colleagues believed that they had taken refuge in the neighboring nations of Rattails and Magana.

With Bob in charge of security and food production, Radar achieved the richest harvest ever. Freddie was quite pleased with the harvest and instructed his army chief to build four new bigger and stronger storages to replace the ones that were vandalized by the thieves. After the storages were built and the food stored in them, the president ordered that a strong fence is built around them and strong locks are put on all the gates. Bob worked with his teammates to put more booby-traps and more landmines around the fence and its gates in order to protect them from burglars.


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