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Feeding Habits For Diabetic Dog Foods

Updated on July 27, 2011
Trouble getting your dog to eat diabetic dog foods? See the tips below.
Trouble getting your dog to eat diabetic dog foods? See the tips below.

Over the teeth and pass the gums...

Diabetic dogs must be given a diet that is high in fiber and protein. This change in diet is crucial to improving their health and feeling good. But dog's don't always welcome change, especially when it comes to their food. One thing that will help them make the switch to eating diabetic dog foods is making sure you have good feeding habits on your part.

Best Foods

Foods that you give your diabetic dog should NOT be high in carbohydrates OR high in fat. In fact, you to make sure his diet is HIGH in protein and HIGH in fiber. PROTEINS build and maintain muscle mass including healing wounds, maintain a shiny coat, and help the body with connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. FIBER and other complex carbohydrates slows digestion helping a slow steady supply of glucose into the blood stream.

The best diabetic dog food is a high-quality food that is high in fiber and low in fat. However, it is also important to keep the fat levels between 10% and 13%, as a certain amount of fat is needed to maintain good health.

Switching to Diabetic Dog Foods

Your dog may balk at having to eat different type of dog food. This is normal. However, now that you know she is diabetic, you know that she is going to HAVE to change. As the owner, you are going to need to be patient and give her some time to adjust to new food. However, you MUST be consistent and stay firm; stick with diabetic dog food as well as the twice daily feeding times that your vet will recommend.

Chow Time

It is crucial to be consistent with diabetes in diet, portion sizes, and even the times you are here. Most vets will suggest feeding your dog only two times a day to keep his blood sugar levels optimized. (Sometimes three times, particularly with a dog who has major changes to make with eating habits).

One the reasons for this is to assist the body with nutrients being delivered in an even way, not chaotically. Another reason is that half an hour after your dog's meal, you should be administering an injection of insulin. Timing meals and insulin injections will help optimize blood sugar level control.  

You will need to test your dog's blood sugar levels every day to monitor insulin levels. This helps you understand when the insulin dosage needs to be adjusted.

Dry Vs. Wet

When switching your brands off the shelf. And the costs will be higher. AND as we know wet or canned food is more than dry, you may find yourself in the position where you are feeding your dog more dry food than before.

Dry food is fine for dogs, but it should be enhanced regularly if not for the taste or the texture on his teeth, but to make sure he is getting enough of the protein he needs.

If this is not you or your dog’s preference, a little work can improve the taste and texture of her diet while still staying in line with her new nutritional needs.

  1. add a little warm water to dry food just to make it moist
  2. add a little warm low-sodium chicken or beef broth, just enough to make it moist
  3. but do not pour fat/grease from the pan on your dog’s food. Your four-legged friend should be getting enough from dry diet and the residual fat on any meat that you’ve cooked for her.
  4. cook and add a few crumbles of lean meat (chicken breast, lean beef, lean pork, fish) and mix it in the dry. Especially good if you are cooking these for your dinner anyway, share a few pieces.
  5. buy a few cans of diabetic wet dog food and use periodically.

Diabetic dog food can provide all the nutrients you dog needs, but do everything you can to make sure your dog actually eats it!

What type of food do you give your diabertic dog?

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What's Been Your Experience with Diabetic Dog Food?

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