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Different kinds of snakes

Updated on December 9, 2015

Different kinds of snakes

Snakes are a reptile type creature, and are commonly referred to as legless lizards. There are about twenty nine hundred different species of snake that walk our Earth, and some of there characteristics are quite interesting. Snakes can move in a variety of different ways, and there jaws are actually not connected at the back of there mouth like most animals. Snakes can eat there prey whole by opening there mouth and swallowing it, some meals even larger than there head. Snakes are extremely intelligent species of animals, and uses it senses to hunt, and to escape when they feel threatened.


Anaconda is a very large snake, that is known to live within Southern America. There is a certain species of the anaconda family which is the largest snake in the world. The Anaconda can range in different colors, and is non venomous. The Anaconda resides within wetlands and damp rain forests, and can grow up to thirty feet long.

The Boa Constrictor

The Boa Constrictor can be found all over the world, and there are over forty three different types of species that belong to the Boa Constrictor family. The Boa Constrictor can all range in different sizes, and can become extremely large.The Boa Constrictor is extremely poisonous, seek medical help if ever bitten.

The Cobra

The Cobra is an extremely venomous snake, and the king Cobra which is part of the Cobra family, is one of the World's largest snake. The Cobra family has over two hundred and seventy different species, and live in the African area. The Cobra lives along tropical regions, and can grow extremely long. The Cobra ranges in different colors, and they climb extremely well.

The Dice Snake

The Dice snake is a non venomous species of snakes, and the female dice snake grows larger then the male. The Dice Snake is located within Europe and Central Asia, but can be found in numerous spots all over the world. The Dice Snake can grow up to eight hundred millimeters in length, and will spray a horrible smelling odor at you if it feels threatened.

The Egg Eater Snake

The Egg Eater Snake can range in different colors and sizes, and feed upon eggs. The Egg Eater Snake is commonly known as the Dasypeltis, and has about six different species of the egg eater snake. The Egg Eater Snake is one of the most tamest snakes you will find on this Earth, and conveniently has no teeth. The Egg Eater Snake is one of the best snakes to get for pets if someone in your household is afraid of being bitten what not.

The Flying Snake

The Flying Snake is a very timid snake, but can become poisonous if it feels threatened. The Flying Snake is commonly found in and around Southeast Asia, the Flying Snake has about five different species, and the inside secret of the flying snake is that it cannot fly. The Flying Snake actually glides rather then flies which is something interesting to read about which can be found on numerous sites across the internet.

The Grass Snake

The Grass Snake is an extremely common snake to run into all over the world, and are usually found in tall grass, or by the water. The Grass Snake is known not to be poisonous, but if this particular snake feels threatened in anyway it will release a garlic fliud from its anal glands that will make you extremely weak. The Grass Snake ranges in different different colors and sizes.

The Hog Nosed Snake

The hog nosed snake ranges in different colors, and different sizes. There are three different species of the hog nosed snake, and conveniently plays dead when it feels threatened. The hog nosed snake usually travels in packs, and commonly found in the United States, and Mexico. If you are bitten from an hog nosed snake, seek medical attention immediately, even though hog nosed snakes are not poisonous you will swell, and possibly have an allergic reaction.

The Indigo Snake

The Indigo Snake is nonvenomous, and can grow to be extremely large. The Indigo Snake are found along the Eastern Regions of the world, and has about twelve different species. The Indigo Snake was first discovered in 1842, and lives in sandy areas.

Jameson's mamba

The Jameson's mamba snake is very quick, and extremely venomous. The Jameson's mamba snake are commonly found around Africa, in rain forests. The Jameson's mamba snake usually feeds upon small mammals, and humans are the Jameson's mamba snake's primary predator. The Jameson's mamba snake bite is fatal to Human's, and if bitten seek medical care immediately.

The Krait snake

The Krait snake is another extremely venomous snake, and is found in and around South East Asia. The Krait snake has about thirteen different species, and ranges in different colors and sizes. The Krait snake feeds upon other snakes, and has an extremely small tail. The Krait Snake stays in during the day, and is extremely active at nighttime.

The Lora snake

The Lora Snake is mildly venomous, and can grow to be quite large. The Lora Snake is primary green in color, and is commonly found in the South America. The Lora Snake feeds upon small lizards and frogs. The Lora Snake is active during the day, and hides when it starts to get dark. Scientists have proven that the Lora snake is not dangerous to Humans, and will do basically nothing if bitten.

The Mamushi Snake

The Mamushi snake is commonly found in and around the Japan area, and are found along waterways, and woodlands. The Mamushi snake has about four different species, and ranges in different colors. The Mamushi snake are the most venomous snakes you can find in Japan, and is extremely harmful to Humans. The Mamushi snake was first seen in the 1990s, and feeds upon leaves.

The Night Snake

The Night snake is commonly found in South America, and are mostly active during the night time. The Night snake are usually ranges in color, but are primarily light. The Night snake lives upon cliffs, and grass hills. The Night snake are quite similar to rattle snakes, but the difference between the two is that the night snake is not dangerous to Human's.

The Python Snake

The Python Snake ranges in different colors, and in different sizes. The Python Snake can grow to be extremely big, and are not venomous. The Python Snake is commonly found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. The Python Snake has about twenty five different species, and was first recording in the 1990s. The Python Snake can be extremely dangerous if it feels threatened.

The Queen Snake

The Queen snake is not venomous, and is commonly found around North America. The Queen Snake usually hibernates in the winter, and comes out in the Spring. The Queen Snake is commonly found along the water, and ranges in different colors. The Queen snake are typically small, and feeds upon crayfish, and other small fish.

The Rattlesnake is extremely venomous, and is commonly found in the Western part of Canada. The Rattlesnake lives upon mountains and lower plains, and feed upon small animals. The Rattlesnake's venom is hidden below its eyes, and can be easily accessed. The Rattlesnake is completely deaf, and do not have ears.

The Sunbeam Snake

The Sunbeam snake is commonly found in the Indonesia area, and is typically red and brown in color. The Sunbeam snake has two different species, and commonly found around ditches, and marshes. The Sunbeam snake is harmless to humans, and sometimes travels in groups.

The Tiger Snake

The Tiger snake is extremely venomous, and is commonly found in the southern parts of Australia. The Tiger snake ranges in different colors and sizes. The Tiger snake has two different species, and are dangerous and if bitten seek medical care immediately.

The Viper Snake

The Viper snake is extremely venomous, and is found all across the world. The Viper snake grow to be quite large, and there are four different subspecies for these snake. The Viper snake was first recorded in 1811, and feeds upon small mammals.

The Water moccasin

The Water moccasin is an extremely venomous snake, and is commonly found in the South Western part of the United States. The Water moccasin is usually found around shallow waters, and feeds upon fish, and small frogs.

snakes are extremely complex-ed creatures. and as i preticularly do not want to run into any of these snakes, i always love to learn new facts. Snakes can be different sizes, and different colors. Before i conclude this article i wanted to mention that snakes do not have eyelids. Thank you.


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      Very nice pictures of these snakes.

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      this presentation u did on snake was superb it helped a lot in my power point project.if u want u can just add the'couleuvre' which isn't well known 'coz its found in mauritius a small island in the indian ocen :D

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      The best creature in the world

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      subarna 4 years ago

      hi i am a herpetologist (scientist of reptile and amphibian study). and there are actually way more snakes than 23 as you can see but it was nice to know that you put in the time to make this website. you seem to not know your stuff about snakes but if you are really interested you should get enrolled to herpetology. snakes are my life and consider on putting the worlds most venomous

      1). belchers sea snake

      2)inland taipan

      3)eastern brown snake

      4). blue krait snake


      6). black mamba

      7). tiger snake

      8). Philippine cobra

      9). vipers

      10). death adder

      11). rattlesnake

      these are only 11 of the billions of snakes on this earth but its definitely a start for your love and stride for snakes!

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      this snakes are really awsummmm and i want to learn more about the snakes so there are only 23 snakes in this list and they are all famous so i think you should include more snakes in this list which are not so famous

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      These pictures of the snakes are nice but they are scary for my little brother Elijah @Gmail in mail. Com

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