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Different Types Of Rodents

Updated on September 5, 2013

There are thousand upon thousand of Animals in the World, some of those animals consist of a species called Rodents. Rodents range in size, and color, and some can be aggressive, and some are not so aggressive. There are many different types of Rodents that wonder the Earth everyday, and some are still being found. I am going to talk about some of the different types of rodents that walk our Earth everyday single day.


The Meriones is a type of rodent that is commonly kept as a house pet, and is known to have the same characteristics of a Gerbil. The Meriones are commonly found around Northern Africa, and range in different sizes and colors. The Meriones looks almost like a rat, and are pretty ugly when looking at them.


The Chipmunk is another type of rodent, and is extremely small in size. The Chipmunk lives outdoors as it feels more comfortable in the wild, and has stripes going down its back. The Chipmunk are commonly found in North America, but as time goes by they are being found all over the world nowadays.


The Porcupine is another type of rodent, and has an extremely sharp coat of quills burrowing out of its body. The Porcupine quills are used when the Porcupine feels threatened, and can also camouflage itself. The Porcupine lives basically anywhere in the world, and feeds upon leaves, grass, and anything plant like.


The rat is another type of rodent, and can grow medium in size. The rat can be various types of colors, although it is usually dark colors. The rat also has a very long tail, and the black rat is the most common amongst all rats. The rat is extremely ugly when looking at it, and were commonly found in Asia, but as time has gone by there are rats all over the world.

Prairie Dog

The Prairie Dog is a burrowing type of rodent, and are commonly found all over the grasslands of North America. The Prairie Dog various in different colors and sizes. The Prairie Dog can grow pretty big in size, and feed upon plants and small like seeds.


Capybara is the worlds largest rodent, and is commonly found within South America. The Capybara lives beside the water, and is extreme social animals, you will see them in packs of one hundred and fifty or more. The Capybara is usually reddish in color, and an extremely small head for his body size.


The Muskrat is another rodent, and medium in size. The Muskrat is commonly found within North America, and usally lives along the water. The Muskrat is closely related to the rat family, and is usually brown in color. The Muskrat has long fur, and two layers of fur, to help the muskrats with the cold weather. The muskrat is an extremely complex animal, and it is very intelligent.


The Vole is small like rodent, and is extremely closely related to the mouse. The Vole and the mouse and very similar but the voles body is a lot smaller then the mouse. The Vole is usually grey in color, and they are very intelligent creatures. The Vole has about one hundred and fifty five species, and are commonly found all over North America.


The Gopher is a small like burrowing rodent, and it is commonly found within North America. The Gopher is similar to the Squirrel, and is usually light brown in color. The Gopher is small in size, and has quite a long tail. The Gopher commonly creates tunnel like holes in the ground under dirt for them to live in. The Gopher is extremely smart, and usually feeds upon several different types of worms.

Patagonian mara

The Patagonian mara is another one of the large rodents that wonder our Earth, and is closely related to the Rabbit. The Patagonian mara is commonly found in Argentina, and has extremely large ears. The Patagonian mara tail is extremely short, and is a rare species to come across.

There are various of different types of rodents, the ones i listed are the most common rodents to come across. There are various different habitats for each species of rodent. I gave you some information, but if you are looking for more there are various different websites you can get the information. Anyways i hope you have enjoyed my article, and there are many more to come.


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