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Discover Dog House Positives

Updated on June 2, 2009

Reasons to Have a Dog House

While your dog may be indoors mainly or outdoors you will want to know the importance of having a dog house. I know that my dogs are indoors all the time except when they go outside to do their business. However, this time period is very limited and they do not stay outside long at all. However, for some people whose dogs are indoors they will let them out in the morning in a fenced yard prior to going to work. Here are some of the benefits of getting your dog a dog house even if they are inside dogs.

The first positive of having a dog house for your dog is that if the weather gets to hot or cold they have a place to go to in the heat it is a place for them to get out of the sun. However, in the winter they have a place that will block some of the wind and provide warmth for them and if you have added in hay or straw they will have an even warmer home to go into. So that is a great benefit for your dog to keep him cool or warm without him having to bug you all the time about this situation.

The second positive of a dog house is that you can provide protection from the weather for your dog. Now I know that some people are saying that the weather is the same as hot or cold, which I guess is somewhat similar. However, I am talking about rain, ice, and snow which can come down at any time during the summer or winter months. I know that for the most part the weather people get it right, but I know that at times they can drastically miss the forecast and get an odd storm of some sort at time. So your dog will have themselves some form of protection from the driving rain or pelting ice.

The third positive of having a dog house for your dog is that it gives them someplace to lay down in that is a comfort zone for them. I know that for some dogs that are crate trained that having the crate up all the time is a comfort for them, but if the crate is down they are not as sure of themselves. However, with a dog house since they are normally not taken down your dog will have a comfort zone to go to.

While many people have the benefit of keeping their dogs inside all the time if they don't have that luxury then your dog probably will benefit greatly from having a dog house. I know that even if the dogs are indoors, but go out frequently for extended periods of time they will benefit from a dog house as well.


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