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Discover the Right Name for Fur Your Pet

Updated on February 19, 2016

The ride home from the farm was a very happy, energetic experience. He was sleeping in his tiny basket, with his comfort blanket. He was our's. Then we ran into a dilemma, we have seven people in our family and none of them agreed on the same name....

We went through all the Ancient Gods... Zeus, Apollo, Thor... none of them seemed to fit.

The backstory might lead to the name

We then decided to look at his back story. Our situation with our puppy was unique. We were looking at several different dogs when we settled on him, a mix breed German Shepherd. He was 200 dollars on the price tag and we had to pick him up that afternoon. After 20 minutes of play time there was no way we were leaving without him. So we gave the farmer 200 dollars thought we would be on our way...... The only problem is.... HE WASN'T 200 DOLLARS! He was 300 dollars, and there was no guarantee we would be able to get him if we came back later, so we searched our car. Luckily my Siblings and I had just been to the zoo so we had some extra cash with us. We ended up with 294 dollars. We were 6 dollars short! Luckily the farmers had some compassion on us and they let us have the puppy with a 6 dollar discount. Thats how our Puppy's name became Kash, because he cost us a hundred dollars more than we thought yet he was worth every penny.

Sleeping Puppy

Some of the top Dog Names

  1. Max
  2. Bailey
  3. Charlie
  4. Molly
  5. Lucy

White Eyebrows

Some times the name is in the appearance

This sleeping sweetheart is all black with a little white nose and white eyebrows and whiskers. With his eyebrows he looks like one of those Japanese anime characters when he sleeps so we called him Nemui.

What pet do you have?

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Naming our Gecko was a different story

Me and my sister were really young when we got our Fat-tailed Leopard Gecko. Her eyes were deep and black, with brown slits, I was so amazed by the beauty in her eyes, that I wanted to name her Slits. Yet she was so energetic and she loved to crawl around on your hands. We named her Lemon because she would suddenly sprint up our arms and we would make faces that we thought looked like the surprise you get when you suck on a lemon.

Sometimes you might need help naming a friend

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or an enemy....
or an enemy....
or an enemy....


When I was little my Father and my siblings would help raccoons get out of the dumpsters that they would accidentally get caught in, if you don't have a pet of your own, your could always name one of your fuzzy and sometimes pesky neighbors.

P.S. This little guy really likes marshmallows, but If you don't want him to keep coming back I suggest not to feed them, they can also be violent so be careful around raccoons.

How did you come up with a name for your pet?

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