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Do Animals Have an Afterlife?

Updated on November 5, 2016
These are my two cats Leah and Chepe messing around.
These are my two cats Leah and Chepe messing around. | Source

I have two cats that are the coolest thing ever. My first cat, Chepe, the black one, was rescued from a beer box back in 2002 when he was barely, what looked like, a month old. So, that means that Chepe is 14 years old. I count his birthday on the month that I found him, which is August.

Wow! He’s up there, and he is starting to show some of it. He’s a lot lazier and tends to drool when he sleeps. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still full of life.

Chepe is losing some of the ability to beat up Leah, the younger cat. Leah, also known as Amigito, is 6 years old. Chepe, of course, is a bigger cat, and he looks like a Norwegian Forest breed.

Anyway, the other day, I was thinking about the day Chepe dies. It made sad, of course, but I was wondering if he’ll have an afterlife.

I know he’s an animal, but he has so many qualities that would be worthy of giving him an afterlife. In the end, I think all animals deserve it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing his grumpy little ass in the afterlife!

What do you think? Do animals have an afterlife? Do they deserve it? Is there an afterlife at all?

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