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Do Cats Meditate?

Updated on May 20, 2015

Kasper and his lamp

Our Kasper, 1999 to Jan 18 2014, RIP sweet boy! We will miss you and your meditating ways!
Our Kasper, 1999 to Jan 18 2014, RIP sweet boy! We will miss you and your meditating ways!

When we humans meditate, it is often to relieve stress and find inner calm as an antidote to living through the demands of work and home. Life can be very demanding. But not so much so for a house cat.

To us mere humans, there could not be a life more idyllic than that of a domestic cat living in a home where it is loved and pampered. However, it is in the cat's nature to hunt in order to survive. So, what do they think about when everything is provided for them? When there is a bowl of cat food, regular feeding times, fresh water always available and litter trays cleaned for them, what happens to their sense of survival?

Cats...we know they think as you can almost see their little minds working. But, are they thinking what we think they are thinking?

While watching our cat, Kasper, and his almost territorial approach to one lamp that he uses as his own personal tanning boutique, I wondered, what does he think about while he is putting his face into the lamp and closing his eyes. Is he merely soaking up the warmth or is there more to it than that?

Does he ponder the meaning of his existence? Does he try to free himself of all desire in the Buddhist way? And, where does that sense of ownership over a lamp come from? It is funny how upset he gets when he is disturbed from his deep thought, as if it is really important to him to have those moments of bliss.

What is he thinking?

Any ideas?


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    • M Selvey, MSc profile image

      M Selvey, MSc 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Write with Coffee (love your handle!) Yes, part of the reason for cat's existence, I am sure, is to provide entertainment and mystery, to ponder how they think... haha! They are so fun. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I miss him so much but it is fun to know that his spirit does live on here and in our hearts, for sure :)

    • M Selvey, MSc profile image

      M Selvey, MSc 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Leni Sands, loved reading your comment and the part about your cat, thank you! Great manipulators indeed! :)

    • write-with-coffee profile image

      Maria K 3 years ago from Bangalore

      I enjoyed your take on your cat's thoughts. I'm a cat lover myself and have often wondered what goes through their heads. Each cat has such a unique personality. I'm sorry to hear that he died but his memory lives through your hub.

    • leni sands profile image

      Leni Sands 6 years ago from UK

      Yes I think they do meditate, they bully and sulk. They are also great manipulators. Cats rule, OK! I was working on my hubpages tonight and my cat wanted feeding (as usual) so he sat (an upright sit) and starred at me until I gave in. I could feel his eyes insisting that I get up, leave the warmth of the sitting room, follow him into the cool kitchen and feed him. Once fed he bounded back to the warmth of the sitting you and is now meditating on the back of the sofa. Interesting hub! Interesting title!

    • M Selvey, MSc profile image

      M Selvey, MSc 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you all for reading and for your comments.

      Caroline, yes, they are certainly up to something 24/7!

      LOL! I don't think cats every really shut off at all.

      Maren, so true! We are getting a new kitten in a few days...I am sure there will be plenty of leaping about for many days to follow! :)

      Kris, sorry to hear about your loss but they do stay in our memories and hearts forever and I know what you mean about remembering that particular pose and blissful expression. I just lost my girl of 16 last July and your comment reminded me how she used to like to sprawl out on the rug where the sun would come in through the window, mostly on her back, tummy exposed and all stretched out... such a great memory! They are still with us! :)

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      Love it! My cat has long been deceased but I have fond memories of her "mediating" in a spot of sun shining in the window:)

    • Maren Morgan M-T profile image

      Maren Elizabeth Morgan 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I think ours mostly are calculating the thrust, directional angle, and landing space of their next leap. :)

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      LOL. Very cute hub. Love the picture. I think cats love to sleep and are probably meditating 24/7. :)