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Do I need a dog license?

Updated on February 18, 2012

Which one would you choose…paying a few dollars for the dog license now or offering a $200 reward for the lost dog later? Different counties have different regulations with regards to licensing a dog. In some areas, licensing the dog is mandated by the state. Some countries would require a dog tax while in others getting a license for the dogs remains the choice of the dog owner. For areas where dog licensing is not mandatory, the process is widely ignored by dog owners probably because of the need to pay the required fee. The necessary details to complete the procedure can be a burden to a busy pet owner.

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Why is a dog license necessary?

A prospective dog owner has to be aware of the fact that when it comes to the well being of the pet, it would never do to make short cuts. For instance, the need for vaccinations and regular vet visits must not be ignored just because the pet seems to be healthy. A dog license is another must do of a dog owner. There are many benefits in getting a dog license. A licensed dog will be wearing a tag with the dog’s identifying number. Losing a dog is not an uncommon occurrence. The tag worn by the dog would is a blatant sign that the dog is owned and not a stray. The contact information on the tag will help in reuniting the pet with the owner. A dog license supports the program to lessen the number of stray dogs. Because one of the requirements for getting a dog license is to submit a rabies vaccination certificate, the public is protected from rabid dogs.

When to get a dog license

Dog owners have to get a dog license for dogs over four months old. A dog license must be filed two weeks after getting a new dog. Dogs must hold a license issued by the county it resides in thus within 30 day, owners that have moved to another county has to purchase a new license for the pet.

How to get a dog license

The first step is to contact the registering agency of the county which is commonly the animal control agency. A rabies vaccination certificate is one of the requirements thus you need to procure one from your dog’s vet. If you want to avail of the lower license fees for spayed and neutered dogs, you also have to submit a certification. Once you have the necessary documents, you can go to the office of the registering agency to fill out the application form. After paying the necessary fees you will be given the license tag. You are now the proud owner of a licensed dog.

How to License Your Dog


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