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Do I need to register my dog?

Updated on February 18, 2012

A dog registry keeps records and information about dogs. Information such as name, sex, breed, physical description as well as owners will be recorded. After the necessary documents are submitted and the required fee  paid, a registration number will be issued. This number will keep track of all the titles earned and achievements (if any) of the dog. Dog owners have differing opinions on the need to register the dog. Before a dog can be registered the requirements of the registering kennel club must be met. It would be frustrating if the breeder where the dog was obtained has not provided the Dog Registration Application form. The hassle in preparing the necessary documents is one of the reasons why a lot of dog owners would opt not to register the dog. Are you one of these dog owners? Can’t you decide whether to register the pet or not? The decision entirely depends on you. But consider this…what if you need to breed the dog in the future? What if you would want to enter the dog in shows and competitions? These issues require a dog to be registered.

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Breeding purebred dogs

When you register your dog with any dog registry, you are actually raising the value of your pet. In spite of the price, there is always a long waiting list for purebred dogs. You may have no plans of breeding your dog now but you may decide to breed for profit in the future.  To produce purebred dogs, both the sire and the dam must be registered with a kennel club.

Shows, competitions and kennel club event

Are you aware that if you register your dog, your name will be included in the breed history especially if the pet wins in shows and in events sponsored by the kennel club? It is natural for dog owners to be proud of their pet. The relationship that exists between a dog owner and the pet is not unlike the bond between a parent and a child. Comments about the pleasing appearance and the good manners of the pet will be music to a dog owner’s ears. The owner will certainly be very proud if the dog excels in shows and competitions. For sure the rosettes and certificates will be proudly displayed.

Studies and research for canine diseases

The registration fee you pay when you register your dog is used by the kennel club for programs that promotes the well being of the dog. Part of the fund will be used in the maintenance of breed standard. But what is more important is the fact that the registration fees are used in funding research and studies of canine diseases. Because of these programs a lot of canine diseases are prevented.

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