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Do Not Buy Pets If You Do Not Know Their Maintenance

Updated on October 10, 2011


Unless you know the conditions and habits of pets you should not buy them. Children may be very anxious to purchase pets when they look at them at stores. But if things do not work well they will have to lose their lives because of your ignorance and negligence.

pets are life companions

Little Laura is very fond of pets. Whenever she accompanies her mom for shopping, her eyes will ever be searching for the pet shop. Loyal puppies wagging their little tails, cute cats with emerald eyes and teddy bear hamsters with playful running have always been waiting for Laura. Most of the time, she was very much disappointed to return home without them. After days of struggle and tears, her mom purchased a hamster with a nice cage house. Laura was filled with heavenly happiness to own such a cute hamster. That would stop Laura running to Morgan’s house to watch her pet fish. She boasted now that her princely hamster was better than Patty’s ever-sleeping lazy hamster. Laura named her royal-looking hamster with a royal name Prince. Hamsters usually live for two years and Laura will have a good company for two years.

But Laura’s happiness didn’t persist for long. Prince was found dead on a cold day morning in the third month after it was bought. All the castles of dream that Laura had built with Prince were pulled down like a fatal attack of earthquake. Laura couldn’t sleep; she couldn’t eat; and she couldn’t laugh. Everything in her life was lost.

Pets are the companions of kids

Children are very fond of pets. In the busy modern lifestyle, of course, pets have been the living companions of kids. Studies say that around 63% of all U.S. households, which come to about 71.1 million, have pets, and most of these households have more than one animal as their pets. From ancient days, cats and dogs are the two most popular pets in most of the countries. They have been companions not only of kids but also helpful partners of adult life.

It is, no doubt, a good habit to have favorite pets at home. But one should know how to maintain them well. Otherwise it will affect their health and may cost their lives. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) suggests avoiding the impulse of buying pets without doing the research needed.

Things you should know before purchasing pets

1) First of all, knowledge about the food habit of pets is very important. Pets have life and the owner of the pet has great responsibility of its life. It should be fed properly and kelp healthily.

2) Pets should not be bought just on an impulse or on a whim or to acquire a pet as an ego extension.

3) The owner has to do a research before getting a pet to provide it proper accommodation and living facilities. Their surroundings and bed should be clean.

4) Some pets may damage your furniture and things at home. For example, pet cat may scratch your furniture. You should know tips to handle them.

5) If you are getting a bird as a pet, you should know also about their movement habits. Keeping birds in a kitchen is very dangerous. Nonstick cookware may cause toxin fumes and affect the bird pets.

6) You should be very careful while you travel along with your pets. You should make sure if your pet dog or cat has the correct information on tags and collar. You should think of their food and water also. Carrying distilled water can avoid upset tummies.

There are many things to be considered while having a pet. But that should not discourage you in any way. The happiness that the pets give you is more valuable than any loss that may occur on it. It is a thrill of happy life to have a pet with us.


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    • paulose profile image

      paulose 6 years ago from Stow, OH, USA

      Thank you dear friend

    • rus-leelaratne profile image

      rus-leelaratne 6 years ago from Kent, England

      Great hub and really explains the responsibility of a pet owner.


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