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Do Pigeons Carry Messages of Doom?

Updated on June 26, 2011

The answer to that question is a resounding "YES".
We were just four people on September 7, 2004 -- Judy, her brother Myles, his friend Jeff, and myself. That evening, we were having supper at the dining room table when all of a sudden, this pigeon came flying from out of nowhere and latched on to the patio door screen. We were somewhat startled to say the least. Here was this big grey bird hanging on to the screen door looking right at us, and he wouldn't budge. He just plainly sat there looking in.

Now I don't know about you, but is there anyone that can remember a time when you came face to face with a pigeon on opposite sides of a window? I can tell you, this was a first for me? After a minute, I got up from my seat and walked toward the bird. It only flew away when I tapped on the window in front of it's beak. It wasn't that I wanted to scare it, but I was afraid it would put a big hole in the screen with its claws. After the pigeon flew away, I said to Judy that this wasn't a good sign. A bird hitting your window is usually forecast as a sign of death or maybe a bird blinded by the sun - take your choice. We lived in an area outside of town where there just weren't any pigeons. As a matter of fact, I had never seen a pigeon even in our small town, and that was over a period of ten years. I'm telling you that this one lonely pigeon had flown all the way out to our home in the country, purposely landed on our outside deck, and then flew up to the screen door, latching on with his claws. This bird was sent from someone or somewhere to give us a message - a message of doom. I thought about the surgery coming up and asked Judy right there and then if this operation was really necessary.

Judy's mother had been scheduled in for a hip replacement the next day on September 8, 2004. After placing her in the care of the hospital staff and telling her not to worry, Judy and her sister went back to their mothers home and awaited a call from the hospital. The call finally came and it was the surgeon telling Judy that the operation went well and that they could now return to the hospital to see their mother. Her hands were ice cold as she told her daughters about being half awake during the operation but could remember the sawing going on. After only five minutes, the staff told Judy that they would have to leave. Her mother had a drop in blood pressure and she was being taken to intensive care where she would be looked after.

While they were driving back home, I received a call from the doctor telling me that Judys mother had a heart attack in the intensive care. I called her cell phone and relayed the message. Once again , Judy returned to the hospital immediately but was only permitted five minutes to look in on her mom. Her mother said to them that the doctor had told her she suffered a heart attack but she really couldn't remember anything about it.

She remained conscious for five days with intravenous flowing through her after the kidneys shut down. It took six days to find the last and eighth sibling. On the seventh day, when they were all gathered around her bedside, their mother looked up at them and quietly passed on to the next realm.

It was a very sad and traumatic time for all of us. I am sure many of you have experienced similar feelings sometime in your life. There are days when I just sit here and wonder what it is we are all supposed to accomplish, only to be put though so many tragedies and hardships. Life is so short and the older you get, the faster the days go. Are we placed on this earth to learn valuable lessons and challenges? If we fail, are we sent back to do it all over again until we get it right? Does anyone have the answer to this age old question?

Yes, I do believe that birds are sometimes carriers of what is to be, and I now most certainly believe that 'pigeons carry messages of doom'.


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    • profile image

      ls 5 years ago

      I can't imagine an animal would be a messenger of bad news only perhaps a message to let your love ones know you love them always death comes when it is to come not always when expected. Some outlive expectations and others don't come close

    • ianleverette47 profile image

      ianleverette47 6 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      A bird hit our window last week and judys 2nd cousin of 26 years died a few days later. It was expected, but none the less......

    • profile image

      marellen 6 years ago

      I know that my Mother's family is very superstitious and so is Mom.....we are a believer that if a bird hits a window that someone will die. I can't remember if this has ever occured, though.