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Does My Puppy Have the Parvo Virus? Symptoms and Treatment

Updated on April 15, 2017
We lost "Banana"  to Parvo
We lost "Banana" to Parvo

What is Parvo?

Parvo is a highly contagious virus that affects mainly dogs. It is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. Puppy's under 1 year are the most at risk for contracting the virus and if they do, they have less than a 10% chance of surviving if it is not treated. Parvo is a very deadly virus for puppies which literally dehydrates the animal to death. The virus can survive outside of the animal for months in which an animal can become re-infected, or another dog can contract the virus. Vets will charge a fortune to treat this and the cost can run well into the thousands. Even then, the vet will not guarantee your dogs survival. Read our story and view the resource links at the end of the article.

Symptoms of Parvo

  • Will refuse to eat or drink anything.
  • The animal will vomit a lot
  • Stool will be wet and have black little worm like things in it. (That is the Parvo virus).
  • The dog will be very lethargic and not very responsive. Even to toys or treats or things that it normally gets excited about.

Treating Parvo Without the Expense of a Vet

An infected dog can be treated and cured without going to a vet. Although this disease is deadly, it is treatable. PARVAID is what you need. Parvaid is an herbal supplement that super-charges the dogs immune system. It is available at some pet stores (not the large chain pet stores, they don't sell it) or at some farm and feed stores and can also be purchased online. PARVAID along with VIBACTRA PLUS will give you around a 95% survival rate. The stuff works! Do not listen to vets that tell you that there is no other treatment for Parvo other than a vet! If they told everyone to use Parvaid, they wouldn't make money for treating it.

  • Begin treatment immediately - If you can't get the Parvaid solution right away, hydrate the dog. Pedialyte is recommended. The dog won't drink it out of a bowl so you'll need to force feed it with a dropper. The dog might not hold it down for long, but at least you are hydrating it.
  • Administer Parvaid - The dog will need to be given round the clock doses of Parvaid. Every 30 minutes for a few days. You will lose sleep but it needs to be done. Don't worry right away about the dog not eating. The most important thing is hydration. The Parvaid will also help to sooth the dogs tummy to better hold down small doses of Pedialyte.
  • Vibactra Plus - This is highly recommended to use along with the Parvaid. It ensures the survival of the dog. If a store sells Parvaid, Vibactra Plus will be right next to it on the shelf.
  • Help Guide - You can view a very in-depth treatment guide HERE

Happy is now over a year old
Happy is now over a year old

Our story

I had bought a cute little Dauschhund (doxen, wiener dog) for my wife's birthday. After Banana was a few months old, a young kid was giving away puppies in the neighborhood claiming that his parents could not afford to take care of the puppies. It was a mixed breed, but cute and my wife and I love animals and couldn't resist. After the first day it seemed that something might be wrong with this dog based on it's behavior. It wasn't eating much. We had some friends that occasionally take in strays so I called them, explained the situation and they agreed to take the dog and if needed, take it to a vet. The dog became more sick, they took it to the vet and were told that the dog did in fact have the Parvo virus. I had never heard of this until then. They ended up having to put the dog down. Since I didn't know much about the virus, I didn't think much of it. We were taking Banana in the next week anyway for his shots.

3 days had passed and Banana suddenly stopped eating. He became very sick. Not drinking any water and throwing up. I didn't know what was happening. We brought him to the vet, where they told us he has Parvo. He had contracted it from the other sick dog. It would cost a minimum of $1200 down to begin a hydration treatment that only has a 30 or 40% chance of the dog surviving. The vet would need to keep the dog for several nights and the bill would have been in the thousands with no guarantee that he would make it.

We decided to let Banana go, and we both cried for days. I then did some very serious research on the Parvo virus because I couldn't believe how deadly it was.

After a grieving period and a few months later we decided to get another pet. We chose a Chihuahua and named him "Happy"... Guess what? He contracted the Parvo virus about a week after we had him since this virus can survive if the entire property is not treated and bleached down. (which I had done, but apparently not well enough) I knew what was wrong with him and I wasn't going to let this dog die! I remembered reading about a product called "Parvaid" I immediately jumped into action making phone calls only to find out that big chain pet stores do not carry this. I found a place about 50 miles north of where I lived and drove there. They didn't have any!! I had to drive to Naples, FL. which is about a 100 miles south of where I live. So I drove around 300 miles to get this stuff. Made it home and began treatment immediately. We treated Happy day and night for 4 days. Happy is now a year and half old and loving life.


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  • Larry khatra profile image

    Larry khatra 4 years ago

    yeah my Dobermann had Parvo when he was a puppy, glad he was treated. Great hub!

  • bodylevive profile image

    BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

    Many puppies have fallen to Parvo. I had not heard of the deadly disease until we had a puppy to get it. Since knowledge was limited, the pup died but there are many things on the market today to help other than the vet. If it ever happens to us again we'll know what to do. Great post, thank you for sharing.

  • profile image

    Elio 5 years ago

    Hey guys , my puppy had parvo and survived , so i feel it`s a necessity that i share my knowledge .. the symptoms are depression , vomit , and a really really toxic smelling poo (mostly diarrhea , with or without blood ) .. anw my puppy survived due to the help of the vet (she slept at his clinic for 3 days) , where she was given basic fluids and medicament .. if u want to nurse ur puppy at home , u should create a sterilized area , as simple as bringing a big box , then cleaning it with Bleach/Water mix (to kill the parvo-virus) , and placing disposable puppy training pads which u`ll change when they get dirty .. anw the main issue is to never let ur puppy dehydrate , even if it meant to force feed ur puppy .. even if they vomit them , it`s okay , at least some nutriments got to their stomach .. u should go to the pharmacy to buy some anti-vomit and anti-diarrhea pills which u`ll have to force feed them to ur puppy as well .. as long as u keep ur puppy is hydrated , it should live and survive this virus .. the recovery time is approximately 5 days , and give ur puppy a lot of love , because it`ll give her an extra motivation to live .

  • robhampton profile image

    Rob Hampton 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

    I don't think it was Parvo. Especially if it was a puppy. Good to hear she got better though.

  • Doodlehead profile image

    Doodlehead 5 years ago from Northern California

    I had a puppy and one day she had liquid poop and it was flying out everywhere. I put her in the kitchen in a pen. Personally, I had never seen a dog so sick. She was only sick a short while like a few days. I wonder if she had parvo. I had not had her long; she did live until age 14. I made sure she had water. Then she got well. What do you think?

  • robhampton profile image

    Rob Hampton 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

    Thank you Kathyinmn. Yes, this can be a very devastating virus that many people are unaware of. You are right when you mention not delaying on their shots. Very important. Although I understand that just getting the parvo vaccination is not a guarantee that the pup will never contract the virus since there are many strains of this disease. The links I put on here are very informative. They know a lot more than I do!

    FYI to anyone, you can also buy first shots for your dog at most farm/feed stores for a very low cost. These are known as "trip shots" or what a vet would give the dog for his "first shots" (parvo vaccination as well) Will save you a ton of money as long as you don't mind jabbing a needle in the pup. Could save you hundreds of dollars.

  • kathyinmn profile image

    Kathy 5 years ago from Jordan MN

    When I was a teenager we lost a dog by this. It's so sad when we loose our friends. Since this had happened, as soon as I get a dog or puppy, I take then to a vet within the first few weeks to get all their shots, Parvo virus shot is one of them they get.

    This is a good worning story for people getting new pets.

    Don't dely on thier shots!