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Dog Allergies How to Determine What Your Dog Is Allergic To

Updated on October 4, 2012

Dog allergies do occur as I recently discovered and I am not talking about people being allergic to dogs because we are all well aware of them. The allergy that I mean is that your dog can be allergic to items as well. Much like humans finding out what your dog is allergic to is a case of hit or miss in determining what your dog is allergic to. I know that I recently experienced this same problem with my dog and was having a very hard time in determining what my dog was allergic to. I know that I tried many different things in determining what my dog is allergic to and I know that I think I have finally narrowed it down! Here are some of the things that I learned during my experience in figuring out what my dog is allergic to.

The way that I realized that my dog has an allergy is because he started breaking out in hives. Now figuring out that your dog is breaking out in hives can be difficult depending on how thick the fur is, but for me it became a little bit easier by his hair falling out. Which when this started happening I took my dog to my veterinarian who told me that the hair falling out was being caused by hives and that they were probably caused by an allergy of some sort. However, he said that for most of the cases the allergy is from a food type.

Now this is were determining what your dog is allergic to can become tricky. Granted in my experience most of the dog allergies that I have encountered was by food. The problem is you have so many items inside of your dogs food that it can be hard narrowing down what inside of the food that they are allergic to. Now the thing that I thought he might be allergic to was actually fresh cut grass, but that was not the case as I was hoping because it had a very easy solution. Since it wasn't the easy solution that I was hoping for I knew it had to be an item inside of his dog food.

The first thing that I did to help my dog with his food allergy was to take him off of the normal store brands of dog food and put him strictly on a natural food dog brand. You might think that all the dog food is natural much like I did, but believe it or not there are some brands out there that are very natural. Now this helped with his hives some, but still did not solve his hive problem. So I knew that he still had an allergy of some type, but it was getting even harder to figure out what part of his food he was allergic to. So I decided to get some of the home made dog food cookbooks.

You might be asking how and why a home made dog food cookbook could be helpful in figuring out what my dog is allergic to. Well, I will tell you that because of the home made dog food I found recipes that helped me out tremendously in determining that my dog is actually allergic to beef and pork of all things. Now you might be asking how is it possible that a dog can be allergic to beef and pork and how did I figure this out. Well I started cooking my dog home made dog food and noticed that when I would give him any type of fish or eggs that he would be energetic and his hives would not be as bad or as itchy. However, if I gave him any form of beef or pork that he would start getting new hives and become itchy again.

Determining what your dog is allergic to is difficult to do, but it is something that you will want to solve to help you let your loving pal have a great life without his allergies bothering him. I know that for me it was very difficult in determining what my dog was allergic to, but once I did discover the allergy his hives started going away. As the hives started going away he also started to gain more energy and started becoming the wonderful and affectionate dog that I love.

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    • profile image

      dogfond 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Many dogs develop allergies and most owners are not aware of that. Great hub!

    • profile image

      Liz 7 years ago

      I have a Westie with food alergies. Once we stopped the wheat, and corn products, there was a 90% improvement in the scratching, and 'pink'skin. Now we are dealing with cut grass problems, and he is on a holistic product to help him through the season. We had a food and environment sensitivity tollerence test done,and it was fantastic.

      Last summer he was given steriods, he gained weight, and it was NOT good for his overall health, or organs.

      Now with this 'natural' product, we are hopeful we have overcome the problem.