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Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent - Prevent the neighbors dog from driving you crazy with excessive barking

Updated on November 27, 2011

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A barking dog deterrent that works.
A barking dog deterrent that works.

Finally a solution before I lost it with the barking dogs

A Barking Dog Deterrent – The easiest way to stop a barking dog harmlessly.

It has to be a fact that I’m not the only person on this god green earth that hasn’t wanted to throttle the neighbors' ,or my own dogs for that matter, due to excessive dog barking. Surely thats why you’re here.

I tried everything to stop their barking. We have a Jack Russell and a Cocker Spaniel which normally behave as extremely good guard dogs. But I must admit they just bark and bark at the smallest things passing by our front gate.

The worst occurrences happen when the neighboring dogs hear or see something in the road and then the dominoe effect starts through the neighbourhood and usually lasts a good hour before the whole process starts again.

Barking dogs hearing

We tried putting them inside the house, but sure enough, they could still hear the neighborhood dogs barking and the noise was even louder inside the house.

We then did a bit of research and found that the dogs hearing was extremely sensitive and acute in comparison to that of the human ear. This meant that they heard noises at a greater distance than us and were trying to warn us of impending danger before it arrived. But, if we can see the movement at the gate ourselves explaining their noise, then why Oh why do they continue barking. Well, like us they communicate with other dogs in the neighborhood and then its game on all over again.

So we went and spoke to the vet and a dog behavourist who asked me if I knew that their hearing functions at an ultrasonic level. Finally that ahah moment had arrived. The barking dogs were able to hear things before we could.

The Barking Dog Deterrent we bought - Harmless

So we went online and bought this barking dog deterrent which is ultrasonic in nature (We bought the Lentek one). Its like a little remote control device that is battery operated and we keep it handy in our living room on the table.

It took only a few days for the barking dogs to realise that every time they barked, there was an ultrasonic high frequency pitch that they didn’t enjoy. So every time the dogs barked, I would press the button for a good ten seconds. The next day I would stop the button when the dogs stopped barking.

We haven't been happier since and that it only took the weekend to train them to respond to the ultrasonic pitch of the barking dog deterrent. We now have peace of mind from not only our own dogs, but the neighbors' dogs barking too.

Peaceful sleep finally.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Ultrasonic range of Barking Dog Deterrent - click any to view more detail

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