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Dog Beds Make Fur Babies Feel Like Royalty

Updated on November 10, 2015
Every dog deserves a comfortable place of its own to take a snooze
Every dog deserves a comfortable place of its own to take a snooze

Dog owners tend to feel that their dogs are another member of the family. In fact, most dogs become rather pampered and their two legged parents will stop at nothing to keep them comfortable. Whether allowed to sleep in their humans bed or not, most dogs enjoy having their own bed to sleep on during the day.

A Space to Call Their Own

Dog beds give dogs a place of their own to rest and can be the perfect solution for keeping dogs off of the couch. For larger dogs, staying off of the furniture is a rule put in place out of necessity. Bigger dogs can easily cause damages to furniture due to their size and weight.

Owners often find that offering their dogs a bed of their own eliminates their pets desire to get on furniture. If a new dog bed does not immediately take the desire away, dogs can be trained to only get on their bed when wanting something soft to lay or sit on. Large dog beds can be found in an endless array of sizes, styles, and colors so it is easy to find one that is perfect for any breed of large dog.

Choosing the Right Bed For Your Pooch

When shopping for a dog bed it is important to know what to look for. Since large dogs tend to be rough on furniture their owners need to purchase a bed that is rugged enough to endure everyday use while being comfortable. Choosing a bed that is made from materials that are thick and sturdy will help the bed stand up to whatever comes its way.

A Touch of Class

Dog owners that want to give their beloved pet the very best can always choose one of the luxury dog beds. Most retailers offer dog beds that fit in nearly any budget. Luxurious dog beds are available in every imaginable shape. Two of the most popular styles of fancier beds are built to look like a miniature sofa or human bed.

Comfy, Comfy, Comfy

Just as humans love a soft comfortable mattress so do dogs. This is why many beds are made with memory foam and other soft materials. Older dogs and dogs with joint problems benefit the most from a soft memory foam mattress to sleep on. When covered with Sherpa and other super soft covers, a dog bed can actually be more comfortable than most of the beds that humans sleep in.

The Cost of Comfort

Luxury dog beds are popular, but can be rather pricey. Not every pet owner has the money to invest in this type of bed, which is fine because there are plenty of similar qualities available in less expensive versions. Soft comfortable beds, even those with memory foam are available at reasonable prices.

Easy to Find

Finding a bed that a large dog will fall in love with is fairly easy. There are numerous online resources as well as local pet supply stores that sell all types of dog beds. Even pet owners wanting to find a fun and funky bed can find exactly what they are looking for, whether shopping online or locally.

Other Unique Choices

If looking for a bed that is unique, dog lovers can buy beds that are shaped like animals or shapes like cars and boats. There are even beds with a cover over them to make a pooch feel like they are lying under covers or in their own cave. Dogs that are cold sensitive will absolutely love heated beds, which are also great for homes that tend to have cold drafts close to the floors.

For dogs that travel often, owners can find lightweight beds that are portable so they can be comfortable no matter where their travels take them. Dogs that are kennel trained don't have to be left out. Many dog bed manufacturers have designed a line of beds that are specifically sized for use in a kennel.

When a dog has to spend a long time in a kennel the softness of a dog bed will help relieve pain from laying on the hard plastic or wire surfaces of a kennel. If unable to lie on a soft blanket, pillow, or kennel bed, dogs can develop pressure sores that are painful and can leave unsightly scars. Dogs are like people, they too love a soft and comfortable bed to get cozy and sleep on.

It is natural for dog owners to want to buy a bed that is rated as one of the best dog beds available; after all, nothing is too good for a four legged fur baby. In addition to buying a super comfortable bed for their dogs, many dog parents supply their pooch with plenty of quality toys to play with. Keeping a dog happy does not take much, a soft dog bed, a few bones to chew on and of course premium dog food to keep them healthy.


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