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Dog Behaviors To Watch Out For

Updated on January 28, 2010

There are dozens of different dog behaviors that often evoke worries in owners everywhere. After getting that cute little puppy home and watching them grow and play around, you might notice that they aren't so cute anymore.

Rather, they're quite obnoxious and loud and destructive, the kinds of dog behaviors that you always hoped you wouldn't have to deal with. For those that are currently dealing with these unsavory behavior problems, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your dog does not pick up any of these unsavory behaviors.

Social Dog Behaviors

You'll likely arrive back at your home one day and find that your beloved dog has decided to tear apart a beloved family heirloom or knock over the trash can. It's an inevitable situation, largely because most dogs are subject to the same reactions over a period of time. Dogs are social animals and when you leave them alone, they have a habit of being rather upset. However, with careful management of your things and your dog's toys you can overcome the desire by your dog to dig in and destroy everything you own.

Your dog might be just playing normally, having fun chewing, digging, or shaking things - all of these are simple instinctual acts for dogs. However, those playful dog behaviors can quickly turn into destructive behaviors if your dog becomes bored or isolated. Eventually, instead of playing with you and resting while you're away, your dog will start entertaining itself by destroying.

Energetic Dog Behaviors

This can happen when you leave your dog alone and fail to interact with them regularly. It can also happen if you fail to offer them the toys and chew things they need to keep them occupied and away from your things. Another reason for boredom chewing and digging could be that he or she is merely a puppy and isn't given enough other outlets for all that puppy energy. And if you own a herding or sport breed of dog, they absolutely must be active much of the time to avoid boredom.

It's a simple matter of a few carefully managed activities with your dog on a regular basis thought to keep them from acting out. If you take them outside to a safe, fenced-in area and let them run, you can burn off a lot of that excess energy. Play fetch for a while. Your dog will love it and likely wear itself out.

Curb Bad Dog Behaviors

Regular walks are a great way to curb bad dog behaviors. You should take your dog out more often than to just use the bathroom. Don't be impatient and talk to your dog while you're walking. It's a great time for bonding and allows them to explore and entertain themselves. It's also a great way to start teaching them the important skills they need to stay away from the road and walk safely on the sidewalk.

There are dozens of times when you'll witness dog behaviors that are not acceptable. Keep in mind thought that your dog might just be restless and overwhelmed with energy that isn't being used up properly. Keep your dog active and spend enough time with them and you can do a lot to curb that unwanted activity.


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