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Dog Breath Remedies – How to cure your dog’s bad breath

Updated on August 30, 2010

My dog truly is my best friend and I’m the type of person that likes to really get down on the ground and roll around with him.  Unfortunately, I’m constantly presented with my dog’s bad breath.  It’s awful having to smell that old garbage funk.  My wife can’t stand it.  She can be on the couch and the dog on the floor and she can smell if from ten feet away.  It’s terrible.  So naturally I’m interested in finding a cure for his bad breath.

The thing is, there’s a lot of information and a lot of products on the internet for curing bad breath in dogs.  Some of them seem kind of out there, but I’m sure that most of them work for some people.  The two things I’ve found when trying out these doggies halitosis cures is that A) what works for one dog doesn’t work for them all and B) it takes a while for the changes to set in.  I think this last point is the key to curing bad breath in dogs.  You have to try something and stick with it for 4-10 weeks.

The reason you have to wait so long is due to the mouth chemistry of dogs.  The bad breath is caused by bacteria (or more correctly the chemicals the bacteria produce) that have set up shop in the dog’s mouth.  In a normal dog mouth, the chemistry inside the mouth keeps the bacteria in check, preventing it from forming plaque on the teeth.   Once the bacteria start to take hold, it’s like any other infection; it requires a cure that takes time to knock out the bad breath bacteria.  Now I don’t want to make it sound like a real infection, this is perfectly normal, just very unpleasant to humans. 

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By far the best solution for curing your dog’s bad breath is prevention.  Keeping your dog’s mouth healthy, while not impossible, is going to take a few key things.  The first thing is to keep him from eating things that have a lot of bacteria in or on them; things like garbage and fecal matter.  I don’t really know why dogs love to eat them, but they really shouldn’t.  The next step is to eliminate all human food from your dog’s diet.  This means no table scraps, no shared snacks.  The only exception to this is raw vegetables and fruits.  Anything natural is good for them.  Finally, to prevent bad breath in dogs, don’t feed your dog raw meat.  While this is safe for them to eat, raw meat has bacteria that will end up giving him rotten breath.

Now if your dog is already suffering from bad breath you can try one of many natural and commercial remedies.  This can include things like brushing your dog’s teeth with special doggy toothpaste, giving them marrow bones (the big soup bones you can get from the butcher or meat counter.  DO NOT GIVE THEM CHICKEN OR SMALL BONES.), giving them special breath busting treats, or treating them with pills.  If your dog eats canned dog food, you may want to switch over to dry food.  Less of it sticks to the dog teeth and therefore doesn’t make plaque and won’t give your dog bad breath.


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    • magnoliazz profile image


      9 years ago from Wisconsin

      I CURED my dog's bad breath by simply rubbing my finger on the OUTSIDE of the two upper canine teeth! Within 3 days we went from sewer breath to no odor at all! My vet gave me this tip...he swore it worked, and he was right.

      Yes, I had my doubts too, but it really really works, and Yorkie Poos are known for really bad breath!

      Now my baby no longer gags me when she licks my face in the is wonderful!

    • theherbivorehippi profile image


      9 years ago from Holly, MI

      Awesome Hub! I think it's so funny how people talk about their dog's bad breath but neither one of my dogs ever has it! Maybe it has something to do with breed to perhaps? I do brush their teeth once a week (this usually consists of them just chewing on the brush and getting the doggy toothpaste off) but they get some form of dental stick to chew on a day that is suppose to be for 'tarter'. Great Hub to write about though because a LOT of dogs have bad breath!!! :)


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