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Dog Car Cages-What to Look For

Updated on August 9, 2011

Dog Car Cages

Keep your dog safe in car cages or crates during the ride.
Keep your dog safe in car cages or crates during the ride.

Keeping your dog safe is of utmost importance to you. Even with you drive you want to make sure Rover is safe. while other dog owners, let their dogs bound around in the car, sit in the front sieat unbound, even let their dog hand their head ourt ther window, little do theiy know what risk tyhey put on their dog...and theim selves. Restraining a dog wihle driving is not a bad or mean things, especially when you pick the right equipment. We will look at a few dog car cages, or crates, and the different types thta provide a safe comfortable solution for all dogs.

You should restrain your dog because it is dangerous when they can move around. They may get in your way. They may get thrown against a seat back, floor or window if you had to make a sudden turn or brake. An at first calm dog may get overly excited for any reason and hard to clam WHILE you are driving. Your dog can distract you! Imagine a car sick dog suddenly throwing up in your lap as you cruise down the highway or approach a light turning yellow. Just as we restrain our kids for their safety, we should our dogs.

Car cages, or crates, are large containers made of wire mesh or molded plastic and can keep your dog safe while you are driving as well as in the event of an accident. What should you consider when shopping for one?

Dog car cages made particularly for travel are primarily molded plastic or wire frame. The plastic version is most commonly approved for airline travel, and these can work for car travel. But the wire frame style is better for car travel. It offers better visibility for you and the dog and provides better ventilation for car travel.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for dog car cages.


Your dog car cage should have enough room so your dog can stand comfortably, turn around and lie down. On the other hand, it should not be too big—the point of the cage is to keep the dog confined and safe in emergencies. In the event of an accident or even sharp turn, a dog in a cage that is too big may be thrown around more.

It should fit in your car, so if you need to get a larger cage, before you buy, get the dimension of the cage. Measure the area in your car to make sure your cage will fit.

If you are buying for a puppy, it’s better to buy cages a couple of times through her life. But if you only want to buy the one cage, get the size that would fit the adult of her breed and fill the extra space with blankets and soft toys. This will make your dog car crate cozier and safer for your new puppy when you travel.

Consider buying a folding design for your dog car cage if you travel frequently.


The point of dog car cages is to keep your dog safe. Choose one that is strong and sturdy, latches securely, and is the proper size to provide the protection of confinement in travel situations.Scrutinize the design. For wire mesh cages, make sure your dog's paws won't slide through the grid and that it’s hard for him to bite the wire. Also, check for any sharp edges. For any style of dog car cage, make sure the front door is spring loaded, these doors can snap shut on a paw or tail.


Wire frame dog car crates usually are easier to clean than plastic. Several brands even have a raised floor that allows food, debris, and waste to sift through to a solid pan below. If you go short distances, you might not need all of this and just go with a solid bottom.


Dog cages made of molded plastic are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Wire frames too are also very secure in the case of an accident and tend to hold up very well. The thicker the wire, the more secure. The bigger your dog, choose a dog cage with that uses thicker wire in its mesh.

An anxious dog may chew on the frame or bars of a cage to get out. If this describes your dog, look for a crate with thick wires or a plastic crate that is difficult to chew through. Also look for a mesh or weave that makes it hard for your dog to even get his teeth on so he won’t hurt himself trying.

Dog car cages are meant to keep your dog safe and you. We buckle up ourselves, we buckle up our children. Cars are really not made for dogs to easily move and sit in securely. The center of gravity for car seats is for people. Look at the way a dog sits and and the way we sit, which is more likely to stay in a seat if the driver breaks even a little harder than normal? Keep your dogs safe keeping them in dog car cages during road trips, short and long.

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      7 years ago

      Thanks fashion

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      7 years ago

      This is a great hub to make your dogs safe.Great work.


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