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Dog Care Tips -Basic Dog Care Tips For Beginners

Updated on June 22, 2011
Dog care Tips
Dog care Tips


We should take care from the selection of a puppy. We should select a healthy puppy of one month age. Shining eyes and beautiful hairs are the main symptoms of a healthy puppy. Also have to consider and check the sight power and hearing power of the puppy.

  1. For the houses with less space, dogs like Pomeranian, dachshund or poodle dogs are suitable.
  2. For the houses with large space, you can select dogs like Alsatian, Labor dogs or Doberman.
  3. Some dogs will shows the symptoms because of worms like; less hair shining, vomiting, loose motion, shyness, water from eyes etc.
  4. Have to give medicines for clearing the worms after two weeks from the birth. Also have to continue this on every month till one year old. Also have to consult a nearby doctor to check the health condition of the dog.
  5. There are many skin diseases which cause to dogs. It shows the symptoms like falling of hairs, red marks on skin etc. It should be cure as soon as possible otherwise it will spread all over the body.


  1. There are chances for some basic diseases to dogs so that the puppies of two months age have to take a vaccine for preventing the diseases like Distemper, Parvovirus, influenza and Leptospirosis. After one month have to give a booster for this vaccination and have to continue this for one year.
  2. After 2 1/2 month the puppy is old enough for a rabies vaccination and after one month has to give a booster for this vaccination and have to continue this for one year.
  3. The growing puppies need nutritious food for the good growth and health. Otherwise the puppy will not grow properly and the born will not grow straight and strong. To avoid this, the dog should feed with dog food of good brands. Also have to give Calcium and multi vitamin tonics.
  4. Give the dogs a hygienic atmosphere. Give toilet training as from the puppy itself. Give bath for dogs on every week. Use suitable brand dog soap or shampoo for that. Take care for avoiding the flowing of water into the ears of dogs.
  5. Have to brush all over the skin with soft brush to increase the blood circulation over the skin.
  6. If the dog shows the symptoms like low food taking, water from eyes/nose etc within no time have to consult a doctor.
  7. There are chances for causing of teeth diseases to the dogs. Less food taking, chewing with one side are the symptoms. If possible, brush the teeth of the dogs with a tooth brush.
  8. High sounds, death of the owner or anybody in the house etc may cause mental problems in dogs and may leads to may diseases.
  9. Dogs of age 7-9 will shows aged and may cause some diseases like blindness, diabetic, heart diseases etc.
  10. Sexually matured female dogs can mate two times in one year. This period is called ‘HEAT’. This time period is for one week from the day of bleeding of the vulva of the female dog.
  11. Try to mate the female dogs with the good males of the same Genus itself. If the owner is not interested in breeding, lock the female dogs during the heating days. There are surgeries for stopping the reproductive capacity of female dogs.
  12. If any accident cause to the dogs, there are facilities for surgeries in many government veterinary dispensaries in kerala.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi arenagirl,

      Glad to know that the hub was useful.Thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      arenagirl 5 years ago

      i have been thinking about foster caring some puppys and this helped me. thx!!