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Dog Coats Are The Best Way To Keep Your Pooch Warm During The Winter

Updated on July 17, 2014

Winter months can be exciting, yet dreadfully cold. To stay warm we must bundle up both ourselves, and our four legged friends. Dog owners can keep their best friend snugly warm by dressing them in dog coats before letting them go outside.

Some Dogs Need A Little Extra Warmth

A dog coat is a dog's best defense against sharp and bitter cold weather. This is especially true for dogs that live in colder climates. Snow, rain, and wind can make for a really chilly day. Even though Fido may have a thick warm winter coat of fur, it is not always enough.

Many dogs are simply not cut out for winter weather, making a coat even more essential. Dogs that are small and have short hair are an example of a dog that will not take kindly to leaving a warm house in favor of going for a walk or to go potty outside in the freezing cold. Truthfully, many owners don't like it either.

Going outside and walking on top of cold ground or snow is the last thing many canines wants to do, unless they are an Alaskan sled dog or another breed that originated in an extremely cold place. In addition to getting cold, dogs can become victims of frostbite just like humans. Dressing warm is the best defense against hypothermia and frostbite, whether you have two legs or four.

Though some dogs are opposed to getting dressed up, most get used to it and welcome the extra layers while outside. Since many dogs live in very cold areas, some dog owners keep a sweater on their dog at all times and add a coat just before taking it outside for a walk. Dog coats can be bought in several styles, sizes, colors, thicknesses, and are made from a variety of materials.

Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping

When shopping for a dog coat it is wise to keep a few things in mind. One of these things should be how thick the coat needs to be to keep the animal warm. Large dogs with thick natural fur coats can get by wearing a thinner dog coat, but dogs with short hair need all the additional layers that will fit.

Purchasing a coat that is a size or so larger than needed enables a dog to wear both a sweater and a coat while outside. For some smaller dogs, this is a must because they can easily get chilled and get sick. Small dog coats can be found either online or at a local pet supply retailer. Even though they are easy to find, it is important to buy a high quality coat.

A coat should be made with durable materials and be strong enough to withstand regular washings. Dog coats that are cheaply made can easily fall apart after just one washing and are often made from inadequate materials. Spending a little extra to get a higher quality of coat is well worth the investment.

Many dog owners find that buying two or more coats enables them to always have one handy for their dog. Since there is a never ending list of options, finding cute and trendy coats that match a dog's personality is easy to do. Some owners simply find the designer dog coats too hard to resist. After all, why not let their best friend strut its stuff in style?

The owners of big dogs will need to shop among the large dog coats, which also offer a wide variety of styles and options. This means that any dog owner can keep their pooch wearing the latest fashions no matter how large their paws happen to be. While it is fun to dress a dog up and keep them sporting a trendy profile, never forget the reason of a dog coat.

Keep Your Pet Snug and More

Whether a dog is large or small, young or old, staying warm is the most important issue when shopping for dog coats. Beyond the normal reasons to dress a dog in a coat during the winter, it could actually save their life at some point. It is sad, but some dogs wander off when outside, in the winter months this could end tragically.

Dog owners that invest in a warm dog coat can offer their pet an added measure of security in the event they wander off or become lost. It does not take long to suffer from frostbite and hypothermia, keeping a dog warm can help protect them. Before buying a dog coat, take the time to shop around, more selections can be found, and often better prices. Shopping for dog coats during off season months is a great way to save even more money on popular brands of designer dog coats.


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