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Dog DNA Kit- Find out what your mix breed dog really is

Updated on October 29, 2010

Dog Mixed Breed DNA Kit

Update* Looking to find out what your mixed breed dog really is. Does your dog act look like a Lab but acts like a rottweiler? That was the case for me my dog kinda looked like a lab but had aggressive behavior sometimes like growling, snarling, very good protect dog, but a stocky body and long skinny legs and didn't swim like a lab.

I bought the BioPet DNA dog kit to find out what he really is. The reason I picked this dog DNA kit is because it.

  • Use DNA to discover the breeds present in your dog
  • Painlessly collect your dog's DNA sample and send it to BioPet for quick analysis
  • Over 60 qualified breeds are on file
  • Fast results via USPS within 2 weeks
  • Even a prepaid return envelope for the DNA sample is included

The results came in a week and a half which was quick and it told me percentage wise what he was. He looks like a lab but it came back he was a rottweiler/German Shepard mix. Along with the results came a explanation of each breed and how they acted and characteristics of each. The results and explanation were dead on to the way he had been acting and now it made since. So my mix breed was way off when they told me he was a lab mix at the shelter. The results actually said he was only 10% Lab lol.

Benefits Of Dog DNA Kit

Some benefits of knowing what your dog is, for training purposes is a big one each breed has different ways of learning and benefit differently from training.  Knowing what kind of breed you have can make your job a lot easier.  I know since I bought mine it has helped me understand why my dog Sherwood acts the way he does.


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