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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? What Does It Mean When A Dog Eats Grass, and How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating Grass?

Updated on July 25, 2012

There are a number of theories and reasons to why dogs eat grass, but what specifically is making your dog eat grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? What Does It Mean When A Dog Eats Grass?

Explanations & Answers to Why Dogs Eat Grass

Your Dog is Feeling Sick

Many dogs will eat grass because they are feeling sick and think that the grass will help them to throw up whatever might be upsetting their stomachs.

Your Dog Enjoys the Taste of Grass

Some dogs eat grass because they simply enjoy the taste of it, and if they eat too much of it a dog will more than likely throw the grass up. Other dogs will eat grass and "then" feel sick. While other dogs will eat grass because they are "already" sick and feel the grass will help them to throw up sooner.

Your Dog is Hungry

A dog with a full stomach is less likely to try grazing on grass, but if it's been a while since their last meal, an empty stomach is sometimes the reason to why dogs eat grass.

A way to prevent this behavior is to make sure that your dog has had a meal an hour or so before going outside (especially if your dog is going outside unsupervised). That or you can try breaking up your dog's feeding times into twice a day. If that doesn't eliminate the problem, it's best to try something else through behavioral dog training.

The Likely Reason

More than likely your dog eats grass and nothing unhealthy comes of it. Dogs eating grass can actually be perfectly normal behavior, and much of the time dogs will not vomit or feel sick after grazing on grass, unless he or she is sick already or if your dog has a very sensitive stomach.

The Solution -

How to Stop a Dog From Eating Grass

It's important to pay attention to the behavior of your dog in order to identify if there is possibly something wrong with your dog or if your dog has just developed a nuisance behavior. If he or she doesn't typically eat grass, then they are more than likely feeling sick. If it's more of a regular habit, it's best to try to prevent this behavior of eating grass to rid the future of unnecessary stomach upset accidents.

One way to stop a dog from eating grass is by always supervising your dog while outside if possible. If your dog is eating it out of hunger or taste try feeding your dog before he or she has the chance to go on a grass grazing binge.

If you have tried and you're unable to stop your dog from eating grass, perhaps you should look into finding a local dog behaviourist or dog trainer who specializes with dog behavior to help manage the problem.


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    • crissytsu profile image

      crissytsu 5 years ago from Texas dog eats grass and throws up all the time...she's been doing it for six years. Its so annoying...Sometimes I don't want her to because I think it makes her throw up, but if she's feeling sick anyway, I guess theres no point in trying to stop her...Anyway very good advice/information...I should probably get her to seen by a specialist.

    • howlermunkey profile image

      Jeff Boettner 5 years ago from Tampa, FL

      My Dog (Molly) thinks that the world is a salad bar, and she will try to eat anything green. She's like a little cow. She LOVES grass.