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Should I Run My Rottweiler? Dog exercises by breed.

Updated on October 13, 2008

Just as with people, there is not one exercise that fits all dogs--or all dog owners for that matter. A good fitness routine for your dog depends on a few things: your pup's physical condition, your likes, and, most certainly, your dog likes.

Good Breeding

Some dogs just by their breeding may have an inclination and be better built for some activities. This is not cut in stone, but it may give you an idea of something to try.

  • Companion breeds like the Chihuahua tend to have minimal exercise needs, at least a walk a day.
  • Gun dogs, like Labrador Retrievers are bred for lots of steady activity and need long walks all their lives.
  • Terriers, although smaller, are clever, high energy dogs. Play is as good for them as much as walks.
  • Hounds can switch easily between work and play mode so long, low key walks are good and extremely interesting to them.
  • With Guard dogs like German Shepards, walks and runs are great exercises. Establish limits when playing games, as they can take them seriously quickly.
  • Herding dogs like Sheepdogs have moderate to high energy levels and are highly intelligent. Exercise is a must for their mental stimulation as much as their body.
  • Northern dogs like Huskies have energy to burn, so keeping them active, either with walking or in sport, is a good idea.

To see more on which activities are best for different breeds, check out The Right Exercise For Your Type of Dog on the Exercise My Dog blog.


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    • profile image

      Pooch Potty 9 years ago

      If your dog doesn't need as much exercise as the others, try out a <a href="">Pooch Potty</a> to get a break from the cold!

    • julieannevanzyl profile image

      julieannevanzyl 9 years ago from Gold Coast

      Hah, we had a red heeler and she was always wanting to play or walk, very active.