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Dog Food Review: Artemis Dog Food

Updated on December 2, 2013

For the pet that you love, you need ingredients that have been chosen with care to ensure that your pet’s dietary needs are met regularly. It's so important to pay attention to what your dog is fed if you want a healthy and happy pet on your hands. Some of the products from Artemis for different types of dogs are discussed below and this should help you spot them at the supermarket and help you make the right choice when it comes to dog food.

Artemis dog food
Artemis dog food

For an adult dog: This contains turkey, chicken, chicken meal, flax seed, salmon, egg and egg products, lamb meal, chicken fat, oatmeal, peas, carrots, apples, potatoes, canola oil, cranberries, folic acid, biotin, lecithin, salt, vitamin D, vitamin E among other nutrients to provide optimum nutrition to the pet.

For a small breed puppy: containing all of the above mentioned ingredients as well as turkey meal, pearl barley, brown rice, ascorbic acid, garlic, riboflavin supplements, sage extract , mineral such as cobalt, potassium, chelates of zinc, dehydrated kelp, probiotics and digestive enzymes to enable smooth digestion. All these make it an ideal concoction for the overall development of the puppy.


For small breed adults: chicken fat, rosemary extract, vitamin supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin B12, salmon, manganese, copper, iron, cobalt, potassium iodate, inositol, chelates of zinc, chicken and turkey meal, lactobacillus acidophilus, sodium selenite and thiamine mononitrate are some of the ingredients that go into making this ideal food for small breed adult dogs.

Artemis Weight Management Mix: This food is designed to meet the dietary needs of dogs, both adult and pups who are suffering from a problem of obesity. The ingredients such as brown rice, chelates of amino acids of zinc, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese and potassium iodate ensure that the weight of the pet dog is under control.

Artemis Power Formula: This pet food is designed for the active dogs which participate in dog shows and other similar events. This food enhances the agility of these dogs thus improving their performance. This is suitable for dogs of all ages and is also helpful in managing weight.

Artemis Holistic Natural 6 Mix: This is recommended for all adult dogs. The ingredients are such that the overall growth is taken care of by this food. It is also recommended by the A.A.F.C.O.

Artemis is a company which has been providing pet food free of hormones and by products for the last half a decade. Though their diet takes care of the nutritional aspect of the dog, the overall health of the dog does not depend only on food. Good lighting, fresh air, clean water, a proper place for the pet to rest, regular exercise, cleaning of the coat to avoid the proliferation of insects, regular check ups with the veterinary doctor for ticks and such common problems, proper sanitation and most important of all, a lot of love and care from the pet owner make the dog healthy and happy.


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