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Dog Food Review: Black Gold Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

If you want a dog that is healthy and active, you need to make sure that you are feeding him right. It is believed that if the diet given to the dog is balanced and consists of all the necessary nutrients that the dog requires, you might never have to step into to a vet’s clinic. Dogs like humans too have sensitive taste buds. Just the way we refuse bad food, dogs too sometimes deny food because the taste is not very appealing to them. Taking all the mentioned factors into consideration, Black Gold dog food scores the best points when it comes to providing nutritious as well as tasty food for your beloved pet. Pet owners have sworn that their pets showed a positive development health wise and even their energy levels improved within weeks of consuming Black Gold Dog food. Black Gold has an exclusive range of specially prepared food for different breeds and ages of dogs.

Black Gold Dog Food
Black Gold Dog Food

Black Gold Signature Series For Adult Dogs: This product is free from corn, soy, gluten, by products, chemical preservatives, artificial coloring and flavor, fillers, wheat and other stool hardening agents. The primary source of protein in this product is chicken meal coupled with the nutritive value of eggs, without being too harsh on the digestive system or too high on fats (calorie content). The ingredients make this meal easily digestible. Other ingredients include manganese oxide, vitamin and mineral supplements, taurine, salt, cobalt and calcium carbonate, flax seed and canola oil.

Signature Series Ultimate Blend Performance Dog Food: With improved digestibility, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, the correct amount of carbohydrates, primary source of protein through high quality chicken and rich fiber source to ease the process of digestion as its ingredients, this product is the dog’s all time favorite meal. The high protein content in the chicken ensures that the dog develops good and strong muscles. The calcium ensures the development of good bones and teeth while the omega acids contribute towards building and maintaining a strong immune system. The fiber present in the food eases digestion and the carbohydrates provide optimum energy. This preparation can be fed wet or dry.

Signature Series Ultimate Pup Food: This product from Black Gold makes sure that the growing puppy’s dietary needs are taken care of. Consisting of chicken as the primary source of protein, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for the development of a strong immune system and maintain a glowing coat, carbohydrates to provide the right amount of energy and fiber to ease digestion, this preparation is a tailor made product for pups. The crisp food keeps the puppy’s teeth healthy and accelerates the growth. Puppies must not be over fed else, they will become over weight. Feeding regularly with small portions of meals will keep their metabolism rate at an optimum level without laying too much stress on their still developing digestive system.

Besides giving good food to your pet dogs, other factors like regular supply of fresh water, proper sanitation, proper fresh air and space for the dog to move about and rest is a must if you want the dog to lead a happy life.


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