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Dog Food Review: Bonz Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

Bonz dog food has been famous for manufacturing non allergenic dog food suited to all breeds and sizes of dogs. They are well known in the market for their vast range of pet food products that can sometimes leave the pet owner confused and the pet thrilled! Whether it is a juicy treat or a healthy meal packed with nutrients, Bonz has it all. They are made with special non allergenic ingredients which are ideal for dogs that sometimes exhibit an allergic reaction to proteins and certain ingredients. All the pet food products are made by hand and with indigenous raw materials. Bonz does not use animal by products or items like yeast, soy and wheat grain which are known to be harmful for the pet’s health and especially the joints. They also avoid the usage of wheat gluten, rice protein and wheat protein. Bonz food is free from chemical preservatives and additives added for flavour and taste. Your valued pet gets the best food when it is fed with Bonz dog food. Some of the common favourites among dogs are listed below:

Bonz dog food
Bonz dog food

Bonz Small And Large Treats: These are ideal for teething pups. When they are developing their teeth, they tend to chew on anything that is soft and most likely it is your brand new pair if shoes that will catch their fancy. By giving them Bonz treats, not only are you saving your shoes, you are also ensuring that the pup is not deprived of its fun. They are made of cheese and bacon and come in all the shapes possible. They have treats shaped like a shoe, treats in the shape of huts and trees. Your dog will definitely be amused. Honey and chicken flavour, bacon flavour, liver and bacon and beef and cheese are some of the common flavours. Some other treats in the shape of bones include vegetables and broth of meat too to make them tasty. Liver dog treat is another common flavour that is available on the market shelves. Don’t miss giving your dog a treat with Bonz treats.

Bonz Meals: Bonz also offers a wide range of dog meals that looks after the dietary needs of the dog. These items are prepared by professionals who have studied the nutrition patterns that the dogs require in every stage of their life and also depending upon the activity levels. For example, Bonz low fat meal for adult dogs is for those dogs which have a low level of physical activity. The food offers them all the energy and nutrition that they require. This is derived from fatless substances which do not add weight to the animal’s body mass. Bonz Veg Rice is the ideal choice of meal for the vegetarian dog. It is made of garden fresh vegetables such as carrots, peas, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, oatmeal and brown rice. This product can also be used as a meal for over weight dogs.

Grab a bag of Bonz food today and delight your pet with the best treat they can get.


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