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Dog Food Review: Bravo Dog Food

Updated on May 8, 2011

There’s a lot of support for a raw food diet for pets today because that is basically what their digestive systems are made for – or so say the purists. The high quality of ingredients that has gone into the making of Bravo Dog Food has helped them survive the stiff competition in the pet food market. Not just this, it has also earned the good will of pet owners and Bravo dog food is many a dog’s favourite meal. Let us take a look at what makes Bravo dog food click with the customers.

Bravo Dog Food
Bravo Dog Food

Bravo dog food is basically a raw diet. Before we go into the details of Bravo products we need to know why Bravo fiercely supports raw diet and what the advantages of raw diets are. Raw diets are the closest options available next to hunting and eating an animal. Dogs like their cousins, wolves and foxes would have hunted for their food and fed on the kill. Their digestive system too is designed to take in raw meat. Thus, by providing the dog with a raw diet, we are letting the dog be in its most natural state. At the same time we are also easing its digestion process. Research has also found that raw diet is ideal for a dog’s health while products like kibbles and those containing grains may be detrimental to the dog’s health. Some of the immediate effects that Bravo’s raw diet brings about is the development of a healthy skin and fur, fresh breath and cleaner tooth, optimum weight, ease of digestion, reduced occurrence of illnesses, increased stamina and energy, less hyperactivity and odourless stools. Doctors have recommended that the dogs suffering from diseases and illnesses must switch to Bravo’s raw diet in order to help them recover from the illnesses. Although raw diet does not solely cure the illness, it aids in the curing process.

The secret of success behind Bravo food products is the simplicity in the ingredients used. All the Bravo food products contain four basic ingredients which supply the necessary proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins and fatty acids. The protein source is usually the meat which can be either chicken, venison, turkey, salmon, lamb, quail, elk, rabbit, duck, buffalo and ostrich. The fats too come from the meat. The meat used is free from antibiotics and hormone and is specially exported from different countries. No animal by products are used. The vitamins and the minerals are obtained from the fresh fruits and vegetables that are added to the pet food. All the fruits and vegetables used belong to the A grade. There is no use of chemical preservatives and flavouring agents. Vitamin E, a natural preservative is used for the purpose of preserving. Bravo food products come in packets of different sizes to meet the diet requirements of dogs of different sizes, age and breed. This makes it easy for the pet owner to select the dog food. Bravo’s Bonus Bites is food product consisting of only meat that can be given as a treat to your dog.


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