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Dog Food Review: Canidae Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

When you get yourself a dog, it isn’t enough to just be happy you’ve got one and enjoy him. Yes, that too, but you can probably do that much better if you make sure that he gets the best food there is to keep him healthy and happy. You need to take great care of them and provide them with the healthiest and nutritious food that can keep them not only healthy but also alert at all times. Many pet foods are available in the market today but how can we decide which food will suit the pet which we have at home? The right mix of the necessary vitamins and minerals will ensure the best mix of all the dog needs.

Canidae Dog Food
Canidae Dog Food

Canidae Dog Food is one such kind of pet food which caters to all the pet’s needs.  The manufacturers have committed themselves to provide the best possible solutions to ensure good quality, highly nutritious and palatable food. Almost all of its preparations are according to the formulations and approvals of the U.S.D.A and F.D.A. These pet foods natural and there is no addition of any chemical or other ingredients.

Canidae Dog Food ensures superior quality with no add on or artificial preservatives. It has no wheat, soy, grain fractions or corn too. Skinny and under weight dogs benefit highly from these foods as they immediately put on weight. The fur or skin becomes thick and shinny and the energy levels of these dogs are great. Any illness or bowel irritation for your dogs will lead to many complications and you never know what or how to feed him. Canidae is the best food option even approved by doctors and it can aid the dogs in all kinds of illnesses.

The meats used are human grade whether they are chicken, fish, turkey or lamb. It has the very essential omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. Apart from all this it also contains enzymes, probiotics and can be easily digested. The health and daily requirement of the vitamins and minerals are carefully taken into consideration and this pet food is good for skin problems and allergies too. It provides high quality food for all the four stages of the pet like puppy, adult, seniors and overweight.

The amount of food to be fed also depends on the weight of the puppy. Light weight puppies and adults need less food than bulkier ones. Feeding or lactating mothers might need twice the portion they usually eat and it is always a great idea to discuss the right amount of food with the vet. Visit the nearby pet store today and ask for Canidae Dog Food – you’ll be glad you did.


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