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Dog-Food Review: Cesar Dog Food

Updated on October 13, 2011

For some time now, Cesar has been in the business of manufacturing and selling dog food for all kinds of dogs. They have been successful in providing the right nourishment to dogs through their varied pet food products. They offer gourmet dog food and are known as a premium dog food brand in the market. The way they are prized also stands proof of this. They are priced a little on the higher side but quality does not usually come at lower prizes. It is worth the extra money if your dog is getting all his necessary nutrition by eating just his regular meals. This way the enormous bills from trips to the vet are also avoided. Cesar uses exclusive ingredients in their products. Mediterranean chicken, beef casserole and rabbit pie are some of the unique items that will be found mentioned on the ingredients’ list on a cover of Cesar’s pet food.

Cesar Dog Food
Cesar Dog Food

The quantity of food found in a pack of Cesar’s pet food is usually less. However, when it is aimed to satisfy the dietary needs of a small dog, the amount of the meal appears justified. It is advisable not to be misled by the quantity. Cesar’s pet food packs all the nutrients in such a manner that invariably, your dog’s tummy is full with just two portions of his meal. Some of Cesar’s products are listed below.

Cesar’s Select Dinners For Small Dogs: This product is a treasury of minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. The source of proteins comes from lamb and it is so tasty that even humans will be tempted to try it out. Well, that’s the Cesar’s specialty - their food is indeed made in such a way that the quality is fit for human consumption.

Cesar’s MultiPack: This is for dogs of small sizes again. It offers your dog an option to choose his pick from a vast variety of flavors. There is lamb flavor or he could opt for the juicy chicken flavor. For those dogs with an inclination towards beef, there’s beef flavor too. All the meat used in this product are hormone free and are thoroughly processed and checked for quality before use.

Cesar Select Dinners: This is a delicious dinner for the small dog. Consisting of veal and lamb, it provides an ideal source of proteins and vitamins that aid the growth of your pet. This product also comes with chicken as the main ingredient in packets of different sizes. You can pick up a pack that will suit your dog’s hunger needs

Cesar Dinner With Duck: This is an all time favorite among dogs. It has the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is designed in such a way that dogs of all ages and breeds can be fed with this meal. It takes care of their over all nutrition requirements. There is no need for supplements. Besides, having a lower calorie content also makes it an ideal food for dogs which are a little on the heavier side. 


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