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Dog Food Review: Dad’s Dog Food

Updated on May 7, 2011

Dad’s Dog Food was first created 70 years back and since then has been considered to be one of the best dog foods by one and all. The recipes are simple and provide complete nourishment to the dogs as per their specific requirements. 

Dad's dog food
Dad's dog food

All dog food items from Dad’s go through a proper quality control check to ensure the quality of its ingredients as well as nourishing values.  What makes Dad’s Dog Food different from the others is that it is free from rice or wheat gluten. There are various types and food combinations of the brand available in the market.

Bite size meal dog food contains chicken protein, rice, and flax. The combination makes the food easy to digest and keeps the dog healthy. The size of the pieces is such that it can be chewed easily.

Dad’s Puppy Formula is especially made for young pups, as their requirement of nutrients is a little different from those of adult dogs. This special food contains 21 vitamins and minerals including phosphorus and calcium, essential for a pup’s healthy growth. 

Dad’s Home Style Dog Biscuits are laced with all the required vitamins, minerals and fiber, giving them a taste that any dog would love. These biscuits not only provide nutrition but help clean the teeth while he chews it.

Next in Dad’s dog food range is Beef Jerky Strips. As the name itself suggests, these strips are made of real beef and dogs would love to have them. These beef jerky strips can be given to your dog as a reward while he is undergoing training or just to show how much you care. Just make sure that your dog’s water bowl is full when he has these strips, as he would feel thirsty after it.

Bacon flavor strips are again mouth watering and your dog would do anything to have these. These can also be given as reward like the beef jerky strips. After feeding him with these strips, ensure that there is enough water in your dog’s water bowl.

Dad’s Pet Care keeps a complete check on the materials used to prepare the recipes to maintain the quality and nutritional value of its products. They don’t buy the raw materials through any broker or other person. The quality inspectors at Dad’s keep a strict vigil on the ingredients as per their specifications. Dad’s Pet Care dog food products do not have substandard food ingredients or other substitutes for the real ingredient just to get more profits or to sell the products at cheaper price.  Dad’s dog food products are an assurance that your pet gets the best nutritious food and enjoys good health. 


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