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Dog Food Review: Eagle Pack Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

Eagle has a wonderful array of food for dogs and they have created quite a loyal following because pet owners know their pets just love this brand of dog food.

There are two different types of Eagle Pack dog food. First, you have the Holistic Select Eagle Pack dog food and then you have the Super Premium Eagle Pack dog food. Both of these brands offer human grade, natural ingredients as well as the highest quality of meats meals, fats, oils and grains that are available. Both contain at least eight of the company’s custom, holistic supplements. The Holistic Select Eagle Pack dog food offers both unique ingredients and hypoallergenic formulas such as organic quinoa and duck as well as a broader variety of vegetables and fruits that have some of the holistic supplements added.

Eagle Pack Food
Eagle Pack Food

Both brands of Eagle Pack dog food are still being made in the plants that were family founded and USDA/APHIS inspected and they are also one hundred percent guaranteed. During the nineteen eighties, Eagle Pack Pet Foods was able to pioneer holistic nutrition. They did this by actually engineering a specific way to design a food that was based on a meat meal. This would mean taking away the soy that was included in the formulas normally and adding meat meals in order to replace corn which is the first ingredient.

The chicken meal that they have is antibiotic free and has no hormones. The grains are considered to be herbicide free. Eagle Pack Pet Foods were the first to take the time to add more nutritional supplements. Eagle Pack Pet Foods are focused on the wellness and health supplements for pets. They have done worldwide research and they have consulted veterinarians, respected breeders and nutritionists to see what pet foods they were recommending and adding those to their pet foods.

They have determined which were going to be effective and they are now adding those supplements to your pet food for you. The health and wellness supplements that were most effective were Probitics, Prebiotics, Kelp, Digestive Enzymes, and SQM Minerals and Vitamins. Most pet owners in the world today take a lot of time doing research into their pet’s diet. There are times that they find it contradictory and confusing. Eagle Pack Pet Foods are able to support their statements with peer reviewed articles, double blind articles, scientific evidence and placebo testing and they have their very own palatability and growth feed trails.

If you are in the market for a new dog food, you make want to take the time to consider Eagle Pack dog food. There are a lot of different brands of dog food on the market today but there are not that many that live up to their expectations. By using Eagle Pack dog food, you want have to worry about what you are feeding your dog. They follow a set selection of guidelines when they are preparing their food and they are always performing tests to determine ways that they can make it better.

All in all, if you are in the market for a new dog food, you should consider Eagle Pack dog food.


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