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Dog Food Review: Kirkland Dog Food

Updated on May 9, 2011

Kirkland dog food is manufactured by the Diamond brand and it is sold almost exclusively at the Costco stores. If you are not very familiar withKirklanddog food, you should know that it was one of the dog foods that were recalled because of contamination. Because of this contamination and recall,Kirklanddog food has received a lot of bad publicity that needs to be cleared up.

Kirkland dog food
Kirkland dog food

In order to clear up this mess, the fact is that even though there was some Kirkland dog food that was contaminated, this did not mean that all of it was. In the actual recall, there were only one or two cans ofKirklanddog foods that were affected and everything else concerning the dog food was found to be safe. If you are worried about the recall or if you have any questions that you would like to ask about the recall, you can go online to their website or you can contact them directly.

Most of the people that are currently usingKirklanddog food have used it for their dog’s entire life and they haven’t experienced any misfortunes. Despite what you may think about the recall andKirklanddog food, they do care about dogs as well as keeping them happy and healthy for life. When situations occur like the recall,Kirklanddog food manufacturers are just as worried as anyone else is. The fact of the matter is that Kirkland dog foods were not the only ones contaminated, there were other brand name dog foods that were contaminated as well. A lot of brands in the industry were affected.

Overall, you have to remember that Kirkland is considered to be a high quality producing company that really prides itself with providing their customers high quality products. There are many people out there that considerKirklanddog food as bad but if you take a look at the facts, you will see the exact opposite. When studies were performed, it was shown that the people that usedKirklanddog food had healthy animals that had excellent teeth and a shiny coat. If you took the time to perform a comparison of Kirkland dog food to any other type of premium dog food, you would find that just about all of the ingredients are the same.

However, there is one major difference betweenKirklanddog foods and all of the other dog foods and that is the cost.Kirklanddog food costs a lot less than the other premium foods. Generally speaking, this fact alone is a really great reason to considerKirklandwhen you are searching for a new dog food that is going to provide your dog with the vitamins and nutrients that he needs.

The bottom line here is that no company is perfect - every company is going to have problems from time to time that are beyond their control. You can’t judge a company just because there was a contamination, you have to dig deeper to find the truth underneath the rubble.Kirklanddog food isn’t as bad as everyone may think and those that take the time to consider that fact will not be disappointed.


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