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Dog Food Review: Nature’s Variety Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

There are dog foods and there are dog foods but there are some that are clearly head and shoulders above the others when it comes to taste, flavour and nutrition. Nature’s Variety is a company with more than 30 years of food processing experience to their credit and hence is able to produce the most superior quality nutritional products for dogs. Feeding the dogs with food that contains essential nutrients and body building ingredients is necessary to make the dog active and to have the proper body weight. This nutritious and balanced food will prevent the occurrence of diseases and will also help in maintaining the overall health of the dog.

Nature's Variety Dog Food
Nature's Variety Dog Food

The specialty of Nature’s Variety dog foods is that their products are made from natural ingredients and are rich in high grade nutrients and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Nature’s Variety holistic dog diets are rich in proteins obtained from meat, poultry or fish. They also have a range of products namely a grain-free line, a wholesome prairie line and healthy raw frozen diets. The owners of the dogs can select any one product which is most appropriate for the dog or can keep on rotating the different dog food products of Nature’s Variety to achieve the optimal heath for their pet.

Nature’s Variety raw food diets contain about 95% fresh USDA meat along with organic fruits and vegetables which are certified for quality along with processed Norwegian virgin salmon oil. Prairie dry kibble dog food contains fresh meat which is enriched with probiotics, enzymes and whole grains and the probiotics help in increasing the immunity levels of the dog. The dog kibble diet is formulated to meet the standards of nutrition recommended by AAFCO.

The Instinct range of dry dog foods lack any form of grains and has a rich content of meat proteins and minerals, along with fruits and vegetables with micro levels of carbohydrates. This food provides omega fatty acids which are helpful in maintaining a healthy skin, glossy coat and toned muscles as well. Instinct grain free kibble is available in different formulas namely chicken meal, rabbit meal as well as duck and turkey meal.

A dog’s natural chewing tendency can be reduced or satisfied by providing the dog with frozen bones, turkey necks, beef, lamb, ham, split knuckle bones offered by Nature’s Variety. The freeze dried beef contains beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, ground beef bone along with vegetables, flax seeds, salmon oil, chicken, eggs etc. This dog food can be used as a supplement diet or as a treat while training or can be added to other foods to enhance the palatability.

Nature’s Variety Instinct canned dog food contains no hormones and steroids and is enriched with chelated minerals that facilitate better nutrient absorption. This is a complete balanced food for any breed of dogs at any stage of life. The dog owner can select the best suited food for the dog according to the different types of breed, weight, level of activity and it’s easy because Nature’s Variety products are available all over the country in different convenient packs. 


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