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Dog Food Review: Newman’s Own Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

When you want your dog to be healthy and stay healthy with organic food, there’s one name that springs instantly to mind. Newman’s Own Dog Food produces organic pet foods that are sold in almost all the pet stores nationwide. They are the new line of premium pet food products that are made out of certified vegetables and grains. The dog food products of this company are devoid of chemical ingredients, artificial preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, food colors and other additives. The health problems in dogs are directly or indirectly related with malnutrition and hence providing the dogs with quality food containing nutrition is necessary to keep them healthy. There are different varieties and types of dog food products available from Newman’s Own Organics Company.

Newman's Own dog food
Newman's Own dog food

Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food is available for adult dogs as well for puppies and is packed in different quantity bags to suit the requirements of dog owners. The adult dog food as well as healthy senior dog food comes in convenient bags of 1.5 lb, 4 lb, 7 lb, 12.5 lb and 25 lb. The house of Newman’s Own Dog Food has many varieties of canned dog foods for puppies like Chicken formula, Chicken and Brown Rice formula, Turkey and Chicken formula as well as Turkey and Brown Rice formula and 12.7 oz and 5.5 oz are the different sized canned food for active dogs.

Newman’s Own Dog Food is healthy and safe for dogs as the ingredients used for producing the food is 100% natural. The main ingredients of Newman’s Own Dog Food includes natural chicken meal, chicken fat, fish meal to provide proteins and soy meal, brown rice, barley, peas, flax seed meal to provide vitamins and carbohydrates. Carrots, parsley, kelps, sorghum and oats supply the necessary fibers and probiotics or friendly bacteria to enhance the immune system of the dog. Most of these ingredients are certified by the USDA national organic program.

The chicken meal used in these products is produced from chicken which is raised without using hormones or antibiotics and fed with hundred percent vegetable diets. This chicken meal is a great source of amino acids and has less fat and moisture content. Chicken fat provides the dogs with the essential fatty acids and the fish meal included in the dog food is a source of omega 3 fatty acids. The naturally grown brown rice that is totally devoid of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is a very important ingredient added to most of the Newman’s Own Dog Food range and is a good source of complex carbohydrates that help in energy building as well as are rich in vitamins and fibers that aids in digestion. Oryzanol is the main content of the rice bran oil and it helps the heart of the dog to stay healthy.

Newman’s Own Dog Food is the best choice of dog foods for puppies as well as grown up dogs as they contain all the necessary nutrient ingredients for the growth and maintenance of body, skin as well as coat. These dog foods can also be used as training treats or as supplements to other foods. 


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