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Dog Food Review: Old Mother Hubbard Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

They know all about dog food. After all, they have been in this business for eight decades. The Old Mother Hubbard Company has been one of the pioneers in the pet food industry serving many pets with unmatched quality products through regular innovations and total commitment. The Old Mother Hubbard Company has two major pet food brands namely the Old Mother Hubbard line that comprises of baked dog biscuits, canned recipes and gourmet treats as well as the Wellness brand of dog foods and supplements. The company’s main mission is to provide uncompromising nutrition for pets and that have been able to maintain their mission for the past 80 years.

Old Mother Hubbard dog food
Old Mother Hubbard dog food

The Old Mother Hubbard dog food consists of 100% whole foods in combination with human grade ingredients like boneless chicken, lamb, cheddar cheese, spearmint, apples, carrots, garlic, parsley, sweet potatoes as well as sea salt. All these ingredients are slowly baked in ovens in order to preserve its nutrients and to increase the aroma of the dog food. The Old Mother Hubbard Company has different types of dog foods that will help in taking care of specific needs of a dog like weight, fresh breath, over all diet, digestive and even tartar control.

The Wellness natural nutrition dog food product is another uniquely formulated, 100% natural ingredient packed dog food from the house of the Old Mother Hubbard Company. This Wellness product has been arrived at after discussions and inputs gathered from veterinarians, nutritionists and dog lovers. The product does not contain any meat by-products, animal fats, corn and artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

There are plenty of types of Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits that are available in all the leading pet stores across America and some of the varieties are old fashioned biscuits, extra tasty biscuits, special recipe biscuits, gourmet pouch training treats, Mother’s finest and jumbo bones. The old fashioned biscuits are available in the original flavor as well as assorted flavors - the original flavor is a natural, oven baked dog biscuit that contains real chicken, eggs, fruits and vegetables, which has remained a favorite for many decades. The assorted flavored dog biscuits contain mixture of original, chick’N’chedda and Char-Tar.

The extra tasty biscuits are natural, basted biscuits that are available in the pet stores as Bac’N’Cheez, Chick’N’Chedda, P-Nuttier and Liv’R’Crunch. Another popular variety of Old Mother Hubbard dog food is the special recipe biscuits which are available in flavors such as Char-Tar which aids in proper digestion and reduced tartar, Couch Potato which has a great taste, Just Vegg’N that has a low fat content and is meat free, Gimme a Kiss which stops bad breath and Puppy which is formulated specially for pups.

The popularity of Old Mother Hubbard dog food is due to the fact that they use natural raw materials for making the dog food and their commitment to quality. A full range of specialty dog foods made from the best quality ingredients give the dog owners a wide spectrum of choice to choose from for their pet dogs.


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