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Dog Food Review: Pedigree Dog Food

Updated on May 6, 2011

When you are a fond pet owner, you know that you take so much care in your pet’s grooming, exercise and of course, the choice of food. For those pet dog owners who care. A dog food has to be everything they need. Pedigree Dog Food is just that food.  They have food for all stages of development.  Pedigree Dog Food is available in dry and canned, for adult and puppy and there are also snacks.

Pedigree Dog Food
Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food for puppies is naturally called Pedigree Puppy.  It's the best way to start out your puppy when they're ready to start on solid foods.  Pedigree Puppy is specially created to give all the necessary nutrients needed to make sure your puppy grows up to be a strong and healthy dog.  Pedigree Puppy is a dry shell with a creamy center called milky pockets.  The milky center is enriched with calcium from milk to aid in the development of strong bones and good teeth, which is the perfect foundation for a great start in life.  Pedigree Puppy dry also comes in Chicken & Egg Formula. Pedigree Puppy comes in cans with plenty of extra vegetables for good digestion.  The formula also has antioxidants to boost the immune system of your puppy.

When your dog becomes an adult, it needs even more nutrition.  Pedigree Dry is made from meat, grains and vegetables with added essential vitamins and minerals.  Pedigree Dry is completely balanced and contains extra vitamin E and Omega 6 for healthy skins and coats.  It helps to keep your dog in top health all the time.  When you feed your dog Pedigree as a daily diet, you will notice improved health in your dog in 30 days.  Pedigree Dry comes in Chicken & Liver, and Chicken, Liver and Beef.

Pedigree Dog Food also has a canned variety that is made from meat, cereals, and added vitamins and minerals that improve your dog's health and vitality.  It promises firm muscles, strong teeth and gums, healthy bones, good digestion and a healthy skin with shiny coat and comes in Chicken, Beef, and Beef Chunks in Sauce, Chicken Chunks in Sauce, Sliced Chicken & Vegetables, Sliced Beef & Vegetables and Sliced Lamb & Vegetables. 

Another variety is Pedigree Pouches.  Pedigree Pouch is a special foil pack that seals in the freshness of the food.  It is easy, convenient and gives your dog a tender cooked meal with great meats and fibers.  It is still the same great balanced nutrition that carries the Pedigree name.  In addition, as always feeding your dog Pedigree Dog Food, as a daily diet will improve health, vitality, bones, teeth, muscles, skin and coat in 30 days.

Also, try some of the great snacks offered by Pedigree Dog Food like Denta that acts as a toothbrush while your dog is chewing it.  There is also DentaStix and DentaBone that act much the same way and Ringo, which is a crunchy meat, snack just to name a few.  


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    • profile image

      Eileen Smith 4 years ago

      I have had the best and the worst of veterinarians in the world and the very best vet in the Philadelphia area when I still lived back east told me feed your dog whatever he likes in a food that works for him He was so in demand this man had to retire at 47 totally burned out due to overworked He loved and was totally devoted to helping the animals Everyone wanted this man to see their animals and he would not quit until the day he could do this no more I will always remember what he told me about dog food

    • quaywards profile image

      quaywards 6 years ago

      Most of them still have corn like most pet foods do.

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      I was an avid user of Pedigree over eight years ago but stopped because I matured as a pet owner. I remember it having a considerably high corn content which seemed to come right back out of the dog. Have they changed this or does it still much corn?