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Dog Food Review: Pet Promise Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

When it comes to dog foods, just any old dog food will just not do and as a dog owner, you know how important that is. With so much bad publicity about gluten and rice proteins and how they are bad for your dog’s health, it is even more important to choose carefully and read those label’s right through to the end.

Pet Promise Dog Food
Pet Promise Dog Food

Pet Promise Dog Food has never used and will never use proteins from rice concentrate or wheat gluten. The foods are manufactured here in the United States in the Pet Promise factories. Pet Promise Dog Food is made from chicken from the United States. The chickens are on vegetarian diets and do not eat pet food that is left over. The ranchers never give the animals antibiotics or growth hormones and never use meals, or by products in their foods.

Pet Promise Dog Food has a variety of different dog foods for adults and puppies. Healthy Growth is proper nutrition in dry form for growing puppies. The formula is made with all the extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients for proper growth and development. The small pieces are the perfect size for the small mouths that puppies have and puppies love the pure protein taste.

Daily Health is dry dog food for adult dogs. It is specially formulated with the right balance of nutrients for active adult dogs. There is concentrated nutrition in Daily Health that gives your active adult dog a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat and wellness overall.

Pet Promise Dog Food also has Healthy Weight and Aging especially made for overweight dogs seven years of age and older. Healthy Weight and Aging is formulated with a high percentage of calories from protein to maintain lean muscles that are usually lost with weight loss and gain. It has also has an abundance of natural antioxidants, Vitamins E and C, selenium and zinc for healthy again.

Pet Promise Dog Food has wet dog food that is just as balanced and nutritious as the dry dog foods. There is a Bison and Brown Rice Formula that most people ask why Bison? First, the bison is raised in the United States. The bison are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, bison is less in fat than beef or chicken. The American Bison used to be on the brink of extinction. Many years later, they are now more plentiful than ever. Bison ranchers have made a commitment to keep the methods necessary to restoring Bison back to the landscape. Bison meat is lean, full of flavor and a source of natural protein. Bison have less calories and more protein and iron than beef and chicken. There is also Beef and Brown Rice and Chicken and Brown Rice wet dog food.

Try some of the treats such as Natural Jerky Strips in Bison, Beef and Chicken. Or try the natural pet supplies such as shampoos, spritzes or odor and stain removal. They are safe, natural and do not harm the environment.


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