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Dog Food Review: Precise Dog Food

Updated on March 24, 2013

There’s so much talk about how natural is best for your dog and in keeping with these guidelines, Precise offers a range of dog food choices for your wonderful pet so he stays healthy and happy and you are content in the knowledge that he is getting the best.

Precise Dog Food
Precise Dog Food

Precise Dog Foodis an all natural dog food that is free of preservatives and artificial chemicals. The manufacturing plants at Precise Dog Food have a very strict quality control department with strict procedures that are followed everyday. The standards are extremely high - if one ingredient is not present in a product the entire batch is rejected. All formulae give your dog the perfect standard for great nutrition.

Puppies especially are full of energy and playfulness. The puppy food made byPrecise Dog Foodis a combination of chicken and lamb both in the small and medium breed puppy formulas. It is especially designed for weaning puppies up to four months of age and for the smaller breeds until they reach full maturity. The internal organs of puppies are very delicate and always developing so they needplentyof nutrition that is easy to digest. This is whyPrecise Dog FoodLarge and Giant Breed formula contains natural antioxidants for your puppy that are chemical free. The food also contains chelated minerals that are easy to absorb to build a strong body. The puppy food also has chicken meat meal protein, whole grain carbohydrates and chicken fat that are easy to digest. A brand of vitamin C called Ester-C is also in the puppy food that strengthens the immune system with chelated minerals that are easily absorbed.

Precise Dog Foodunderstands the needs of dogs as they get older. Precise Senior formula isformulatedto meet the nutritional needs of older dogs and prevents serious conditions that tend to shorten a dog’s life span. Precise Senior Formula has reduced calories to help the older dogs maintain their weight and reduced sodium to prevent damaging water build up around the heart. Precise Senior formula does not containchemicalsthat have been suspected of causing cancer, shortening lifespansand causing damage to internal organs. The Senior Formulacontainsreal meat protein, whole grains, natural preservatives, antioxidants, vitamins and chelated minerals.

If you have your dog in field trials and various other types of competition then Precise Competition Formula is the one for your dog. The extra protein and fat helps a dog that gets a lot of exercise more than the normal housedog. This formula is not recommended for those dogs that have high levels of training or long periods of work. The special meat balances the aminoacidsto maintain a firm taut muscular body. Precise Competition Formula contains pure chicken fat, whole grains, beet pulp and rice bran for good colon health and ideal stool condition andformation. Ester-C is also present in this formula to strengthen the immune system,whichhelps active dogs to recover mobility faster. Thechelatedminerals and lecithin ensure active dogs get the necessary trace minerals and fatty acids necessary for balanced nutrition.

Try some of the other formulas such as Precise Formula for Endurance, Precise Formula Light and Precise Formula Sensicare. Each one of the formulasisindividually dedicated to the special needs of your dog.


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