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Dog Food Review: Pro Pac Dog Food

Updated on May 9, 2011

When it comes to your dog, not just any dog food will do. You need to make sure that it is srecognised brand and that there are many satisfied users. Pro Pack Dog food gives you a choice of foods for your dogs and they give you dog food that is nutritionally good as well as tasty.

Pro Pac Dog Food
Pro Pac Dog Food

Pro Pac Dog Fooda complete line for all types of dogs and all levels of activity. All formulas have the best ingredients to provide the best health for your dog.Pro Pac Dog FoodEarthborn Holistic Superpremium gives a unique approach to natural nutrition. The main protein sources are chicken meal and menhaden fish meal to give a great taste in an easy to digest formula. This variety also contains fruits, vegetables and herbs that give a complete and balanced diet. The whole grains give energy while the blend of canola and fish oils give omega 3 for a healthy skin and coat.

Adult Chunk and Mini Chunk Superpremium are created for normal active dogs. Chicken meal and chicken fat give thisPro Pac Dog Fooda great taste while building strong bones, muscle tone and a shiny coat.

The Lamb Meal and Rice is made to replace meat ingredients like beef, fish and poultry and grain ingredients like corn, wheat and soybean. High quality lamb meal is used with rice and rice products use to provide the essential amount of protein for healthy skin and glossy coat. This product is an alternative that caters to diets for allergy sensitive dogs.

Next in the line ofPro Pac Dog Foodproducts is the High Performance formula. This is for dogs with high stress levels and active dogs. Itisalso recommended for puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs. The high conditioned working dog needs up to 20% more protein and calories that dogs that are at a moderate active level. This product contains 30% protein and 20% fat to give excellent strength and muscle tone. Chicken meal combined with chicken fat gives a great taste and easily digestible.

The Adult/Senior Chicken Meal and Rice Formulaismade to meet the nutritional requirements for less active or older dogs. Older dogs still need protein and this formula is just right and has the right amount of fat to give energy and a healthy skin and coat. It tastes great and is easy for older dogs to chew. Large breeds that are spayed or neutered will also benefit from this formula.

The Low Fat Rice and Chicken Meal Formula is low fat and that helps your dog stay healthy and fit. Some dogs have a difficult time maintaining their proper weight levels. Vets consider a dog that has an excessive amount of weight to be at risk for various health problems. No matter if the weight is due to inactivity or just a natural tendency to gain weight, this formula will reduce fat and calories with taking away nutrients essential to the best of health.

PerformancePuppiesis for puppies from the age of weaning until 12 months of age and is great for nursing and pregnant females. Puppies need twice the amount of nutrients as against adult dogs. This formula gives the extra calories for energy and growth and extra protein for muscles, organs and strong bones. Chicken meal and chicken fat give the active puppy the right nutrition for growth and development.


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