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Dog Food Review: Red Flannel

Updated on May 8, 2011

Dogs of different ages have different needs when it comes to nutrition and you need to pick a brand that understands and can grow along with your dog. That’s what Red flannel Dog Food does and there are so many satisfied users who start their dogs on Red Flannel for puppies and continue right through till they finally feed them with Red Flannel for dogs when they are aging.

Red Flannel dog food
Red Flannel dog food

Red Flannel is one of the country’s leading brands and it has been around for a long time – in fact, since 1894. You’ll find your dog loves the taste of Red Flannel and what’s more important, Red Flannel has the ingredients that ensure that he stays healthy right through. Your dog is like a family member and he needs you to care especially when it comes to choosing the right foods. Red Flannel has seven formulations now and they are each made for specific needs. So you’ll find the Puppy Formula, the Active Formula, the Prime Formula, the Adult Formula, the Canine Select Formula, the Hi-Protein Formula and the Large Breed Adult Formula.

The main ingredient in Red Flannel is chicken and this is what provides your pet with its daily requirement of protein. This dog food contains chicken by-product meal as well as grains, flaxseed, dried egg, fish meal and vegetables. It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 as well as glucomasine to keep your dogs joints healthy. All with a wonderful, delicious aroma that your dog will just love.

When you find a brand that focuses on each stage of a dog’s life with its nutrition, then you know you’ve come to the right place. While purists will knock any dog food that contains corn today or any grain for that matter, the truth is that corn isn’t all bad. When it is the main ingredient, it can cause problems like allergies but not when it is just one of the ingredients in a mix. In fact, corn is nutritious and all you have to do is to be careful and not make it the primary ingredient in your dog food.

Four years ago, there was a bit of controversy with Red Flannel products and this led to the recall of many bags of this brand. There were rumours of salmonella infection and to be careful, the company immediately pulled out the bags. However, that is all in the past and Red Flannel is today one of the popular brands when it comes to dog foods. Your pet will love it from the time he is a little puppy right through adulthood. The formula they have for the large breeds is a great maintenance nutrition meal. Red Flannel is the brand to buy if you are thinking about what would be good for your dog and what he would like as well.


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