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Dog Food Secrets Review

Updated on January 11, 2013
Dog Food Secrets Review
Dog Food Secrets Review | Source

Dog Food Secrets - Confidential Dog Food Report

I've chosen to review Dog Food Secrets because of my concern over the negative affect of commercially produced dog foods on the well-being of our dogs. Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims in his top selling package, Dog Food Secrets. If even only half of his statements are true, we all need to be concerned and aware about the quality of the food we are feeding our pets.

The author of Dog Food Secrets states that:

  • Dog Food Secrets offers a simple solution proven to extend the life of your dog by up to 134% and save you up to $10,000 in veterinary bills and food costs.
  • Most commercially produced dog foods are killing dogs at an early age. The average North American dog lives 11 years, however the life expectancy for a dog living under optimal conditions is 27 years.
  • Not only do most commercial dog foods contain unhealthy chemicals and preservatives, but there may also be a risk of mad cow contamination.
  • Dog aggression can be increased by the chemicals in commercially produced dog food.

What does the package include?

Dog Food Secrets offers three packages: Bronze ($27), Silver ($37), ad Gold ($47). The confidential Dog Food Report is included in the Gold package. Here are just a few of the considerable number of topics covered in this comprehensive guide to maximize your dog's health, vigor and life expectancy:

  • 6 major food components essential for dog health
  • Dog health care (including perfect body temperature, heart beat and respiration for your dog; how to prevent and treat heartworm; tests for intestinal worms and parasites)
  • Best fruit snacks
  • 55 nutritionally balanced recipes dogs love
  • 20 people foods deadly to dogs
  • The number of calories your dog should be consuming
  • Five vaccinations your dog must have
  • Checklist for eighteen most common dental diseases

My Conclusions: The information in this package is definitely of concern and an eye-opener. I have no way of knowing whether all of his statements about commercial pet food are true as I haven't taken a look at the scientific evidence.

Then again, I do believe that the suggestions for caring for your dog, healthy recipes, and food recommendations included in Dog Food Secrets will improve the health of your dog. Andrew Lewis is so sure that you will really like his package that you can get a 100% refund and still get to keep the whole package!

If you are concerned about your dog's health and well-being, I urge you to take a look at the Dog Food Secrets - Confidential Dog Food Report.


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    • sscott profile image

      sscott 5 years ago

      I do not feed my own dogs any commercial treats especially those from China. I use dried lung or liver and occasionally cooked chicken breast.

    • profile image

      Kristie 5 years ago

      My Viszla-mix, Sam, has a very sensitive stomach and most treats don't agree with him, but we need treats for his obedience training and I was really at a loss.