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Dog Friendly Beaches at Lake Tahoe

Updated on July 12, 2012
Coon Street Dog beach
Coon Street Dog beach
Kings Beach
Kings Beach
Kiva Beach
Kiva Beach
Ski Beach
Ski Beach

The official dog friendly beaches around Lake Tahoe are few. Some exist but are not official, others are not documented, still others are not yet not enforced. It will drive you crazy. Below is a list of the official ones I know of and have used.

  • Kiva Beach @ South Lake Tahoe- it is a huge long beach that is for dogs. Perfect for running them. It is sandy-great for sunbathing. Free parking. It is located to the left of Camp Richardson. It is off Hwy 89, take the Fallen Leaf street towards the lake. The road will come to a Y, hang left and park.
  • Meek's Bay - this is on the west side of the lake and right off Hwy 89. You cannot miss it. Usually crowded, but also a great beach for dogs and mankind.
  • King's Beach Recreation Park - A great, large beach at King's Beach. While the signs do say no dogs, the rules do not seem to be enforced. But keep them on a leash! This is on the north end of Lake Tahoe.
  • Coon Street Dog Beach - this is adjacent to King's Beach, on the other side of the boat ramp and is an official dog beach. The problem is that it is very rocky and has little sand nor room for sunbathing. You need to wear water shoes for the large boulders etc.
  • Patton Beach - also known as Carnelian Beach in Carnelian Bay, also on the north end of Lake Tahoe, it a sandy\pebble beach, near a boat harbor. This is an official dog beach. Plenty of room for dog and man.
  • Ski Beach@ Incline village, NV - this beach is in Nevada, a few miles from King's Beach, CA. This is an official dog beach that is nice and sandy. It sits between two other beaches that are not dog friendly. It is also on north end.


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      perrya 5 years ago

      Yes, homosapiens, not homosexuals. If you are serious, you are missing out on one of the world's most sought destinations.

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      Mark 5 years ago

      Too many homos in the Lake Tahoe area.