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Dog Furniture for all Seasons

Updated on February 17, 2011

When researching something I might buy I cannot help but get sucked into all the other items that are available. Next thing you know I am searching the internet for items I never intended to buy but simply extremely curious about because I have never heard of such things. Most of my amazement stems from the fact that I always have sporting dogs and was quite unaware of all the items that are sold to toy breed owners. I was looking for a dog bed for our new pup and ran across some of the craziest dog furniture I had ever seen. Most are either designed by designers or custom made.

So I was looking for a simple dog nest or maybe an orthopedic bed. Although my girl is still a puppy good support is something to look at especially since my breed of choice is susceptible to arthritis and joint issues as they grow older. There are so many designer dog beds out there that are miniatures of human bed designs. They have head boards, canopies, sheets and spreads if you need. Some are modern design some are faux antique European designs.

Along with all the custom dog beds they also make dog couches. I am not sure that a dog couch would go over well at our house since all dogs; get them a place on the couch when they are pups. The designs are similar to the dog beds in that some are modern and some are designed to imitate classical designs.

Since I just recently learned about all the clothes toy breed owners buy for their pups I was not surprised to see that they make doggy armoires to keep all those expensive outfits and accessories in. The low end is a couple of hundred dollars but you can spend it if you have it. I found lots of designs in nice hardwoods for a thousand or two and finally ran across a designer armoire for around fourteen thousand US dollars.

The ultimate has to be the custom dog houses I saw advertised. I am not talking about a little dog house, I am talking about a dog house about the size of small storage shed or larger. You, of course, can get anything on them you want, porches, heat and air conditioner, windows, vaulted ceilings, etc. Starting at around seven thousand and then the sky's the limit. Being in the dog house wouldn't be so bad with one of these in the back yard.

There are some incredible offerings for dogs and dog owners, if you have the money. Some of these pieces of dog furniture are very beautiful and there are some very talented artists working on these items. As usual I began my search thinking dog furniture consisted of a custom made raised dog feeder and came away with a new respect for the people involved in the pet industry. They are coming up with some wild ideas and items.

Description=Floating dog house at dock, Doghouse1.jpg |Source=original version of cropped using ArcSoft PhotoStudio by FloNight/Poore5. |Date=April 20, 2006 |Author=Original image by Flickr us
Description=Floating dog house at dock, Doghouse1.jpg |Source=original version of cropped using ArcSoft PhotoStudio by FloNight/Poore5. |Date=April 20, 2006 |Author=Original image by Flickr us


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