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Dog Grooming Books Worth Reading

Updated on January 28, 2010

Whether you're first buying a dog or have had one for years, you could be in the market for good dog grooming books.

The process of dog grooming is one that many people overlook, instead thinking that their dogs are clean animals and don't often need cleaning. However, most dogs need bathing every month or so and additional combing and grooming every week. It's vital to their health as well as their appearance and good dog grooming books are a great place to start in helping your dog look and feel his absolute best.

Choosing Your Book

There are dozens of books available, each with vast sums of information designed to help the professional and at home groomer alike. However, for those looking for a simple guide to keeping your own dog groomed, consider one of the less complex books. If you are looking to get into dog grooming yourself or already are and could use a good reference source, one of the more in-depth books, like the ones included here, with detailed grooming instructions might be for you.

Dog Grooming Books: The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming for All Breeds by Ben Stone

For those with an AKC registered breed or mixed breed, Ben Stone's book offers a wide array of grooming instructions that will assist in helping you to keep your dog looking his or her absolute best. He does not merely detail how to groom these breeds, but how someone could go about setting up a grooming business of their own and what to avoid when doing so. You'll also be privy to the history of dog grooming as he has compiled it and tips on how to properly brush, comb, dry, and clip the nails of your dog. All the while you can enjoy in depth photos, diagrams, and charts showing the way to do everything properly

Dog Grooming Books: Ultimate Dog Grooming Eileen Gleeson

Gleeson's book, a relatively new entry in the realm of dog grooming books offers a glimpse into the secret world of the top dog groomers around. You'll learn how to care for and groom your dog as well as maintain the health of dog coats and other commonly groomed parts such as the nails and teeth. Along with tips on keeping your animal clean, Gleeson offers the all important walk through needed to choose the right groomer or even becoming a groomer on your own. Part three of the book offers in depth chapters on each breed and coat type with detailed instructions on grooming each one. The book is lined with excess of 500 photos and drawings and includes over 170 dog breeds.

Dog Grooming Books: The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide By Sam Kohl

Kept in many dog grooming salons, this is considered by many the best place to start for anyone looking through dog grooming books. With clear instructions and detailed diagrams, the guide covers 161 AKC breeds and features hundreds of illustrations and photographs. The book is largely designed only for the grooming process and for the newly minted groomer, not trying to include so much information as the first two books listed.


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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      8 years ago from Toronto

      Don't do it! Get a chihuahua! :)

    • Gomet profile image


      8 years ago

      I planning to buy a Rottweiler next month ...

      Thanks for sharing .... Great info


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