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Dog Harness For Dogs Of All Breeds, Harnesses For Dogs And Car Harnesses

Updated on November 29, 2011
Large Dog Harness
Large Dog Harness

The dog harness is the most reliable and secure way of controlling a dog whilst walking. Dog harnesses for all breeds of dogs, no matter if they are small, medium, or large dogs, are more animal friendly than the usual leads which most pet owners use.

Dogs leads are very flimsy and many dogs have been known to chew through the lead if left unattended outside a store. Leads use control methods such as choking the dog when it tries to walk fast or run after another pet pooch. Dog harnesses do not use this type of method to control the dog whilst out walking, as choking the pet is actually torture, can be painful, and is really not very nice.

Dog Harnesses Vs' Leads

Escaping Dog

Most pet owners know that a dog can slip its' lead and collar on occasions, especially if the dog is determined to get away, many times usually after a cat or another dog. This is dangerous and in many states and countries can now incur a fine for not keeping the dog on a leash. Dog harnesses do not have this problem. They are easy to put on ( although slightly more difficult to put on than a lead ) will stay firmly on the animal until the human pet takes it off.

Choking The Dog

A harness for a dog is not wrapped around the dogs neck, but around the shoulders and the chest areas. This is where the main 'pull' will put the pressure on the shoulder area rather than choking the animal into submission. Dog harnesses are the animal friendly solution, and your dog will love you to bits for not actually trying to choke him or her to death.

Dog Control

No human likes being told what to do, especially if somebody has their hands wrapped around your neck squeezing the life out of you. It would be better if they used other more kinder persuasion to get you to do something. Dogs are the same, treat them like animals, and that is how they will react, treat them kindly, and they will respect you and also be happier as well as be more inclined to obey your wishes, whilst they take you for your walkies. Harnesses for dogs are your way of saying ' I love you' to your friend for life.

Harnesses For Small Dogs

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection.

Small Dog Harness
Small Dog Harness

Harnesses for small dogs can be very cute. There is a larger selection of small dog harnesses than there are for larger breeds. All small dog harnesses have safety in mind and prevent any type of choking. Ensure that you choose the right color for your pet pooch, as no macho Yorkshire Terrier or Jack Russel would dare be seen in the neighbourhood wearing a pink harness with polka dots.

The manufacturer Kakadu pet supplies has an amazing quantity of excellent designs and styles of low cost, thrifty or simply cheap dog harnesses as well as dog jackets. The make has become synonymous with quality and style in the doggy fashion world.

A small dog harness can be used whilst walking or even when being lovingly tucked into a handbag or just held in the arms. This will also help prevent the dog from jumping or falling down and will not twist the neck muscles if it falls out of the usually tardis like handbags, which appear so small, but can hold tons of stuff, apparently including dogs.

Click on the smaller image to view full selection of colors and styles available.

Leather Dog Harness
Leather Dog Harness

Medium - Large Sized Dog Harnesses

Medium and large sized dog harnesses include a fantastic variety of leather dog harnesses which can look pretty cool as well as being appropriate for larger breeds. Many of the more vicious looking or muscular enhanced breeds of dogs should wear a harness instead of a lead for safety.

Some countries and states have banned what is called dangerous dog breeds because of attacks on people. Eight times out of ten, it is not the animals fault but the dogs owner. Most of these breeds are usually harmless with the right training and a harness would not only look the part, but will also help subdue the dog whilst training.

Fashionable dog harness are all the rage in many parts of the world as owners look to impress admirers of their pooch. Some pets wear the same or similar looking dog harnesses to co-ordinate with their owners attire which looks pretty neat.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Dogs harnesses for sale include many different designs, styles and sometimes bizarre tastes, which is very similar to the clothes worn by the youth of today. The simple dog harnesses allow a pet to be a loving animal without having to put on a face to live up to the standard of the dog harness. Treat your animal with respect and the loyalty he or she deserves.

Large Dog Car Harness
Large Dog Car Harness

If you own a dog and take him or her out in the car then most laws state that your dog should be safely kept away from the driver and not allowed to run loose around then vehicle. The reason behind these laws is so as the dog does not jump on the driver and cause accidents.

Car harnesses for dogs are simple to fit to the car and the pooch. There are different sizes for all breeds of dogs as one size does not fit all. It makes sense to use a dog car harness, it is one of the essential pet supplies a pet and car owner should possess. Owning a convertible car is possibly more in need of a car harness as the consequences are unimaginable, but it does happen.

In the state of Texas, a man has a pet bison weighing at least two tons. He drives it around in his modified convertible and even has a type of bison harness to ensure that his magnificent creature does not jump on him whilst he is driving. This unique, strange, and incredible but is true.

Click on the smaller images to see the full selection available.


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