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House Training A Dog

Updated on August 20, 2010

House training a dog is going to require allot of patience on your part, in the early stages of training you will have to keep a close watch on every move he makes within the home to be aware of your pets everyday habits. So just be ready to put in the hours it will take to train your dog ,the experience will be worth it in the end. It is best to start training your dog at a early age the longer you leave it or the older the dog, the harder it will be to break them from their old habits.

When Your Dog Urinates

At a young age you can expect a dog to relieve himself at least six times a day, accept that these times will occur and will mainly happen after meals, at such a young age they are unable to control their bladder until they reach 10 to 12 weeks of age,so establishing a routine at this time is crucial. A common sign a dog will show when it is ready to urinate is constantly turning around in circles, our sniffing objects such as furniture, walls, beds, so keeping a diligent eye on him during these times is also important. You can confine him to a designated area in the house, that's if you don't mind him urinating in that one area,make sure the area can easily be cleaned such as a vinyl surface, this part of the training is teaching him that he will choose to stay in that one area to urinate purely because of the smells.

Disciplining Your Dog

All dogs want to please it's owner, so of course the trick here is to to make them understand what it is that you want from them. You need to discipline your dog at the exact moment they misbehave once they have done the act you must step in straight away, not 5 minutes later other wise the animal will be confused by your late reactions and will only show guilt for the mess it caused and not the act of doing it. So the rule here is to catch the dog in the act and not after the fact!! .

Giving Your Dog Praise

Once your dog starts to relieve itself in the place of your choice, Then give it the praise it deserves, all dogs love this and will look to please their owners time and time again, at first it might rebel so a stern NO!NO! is all that is needed don't go over board and call it all the names under the sun, just the tone of your voice is enough to make the dog realize you are unhappy . Then immediately take your dog to the appropriate place and give it praise. Eventually it will get used to that area as time goes on and will choose to go there naturally set him up a area with all the things he needs such as his food bowl and water and comfortable bedding and soon enough all your hard work will be well worth the end results.

Would you like to teach your dog obedience training ? There is a online training manual that will teach you all you need to know about making your pet the best it can be and more. They also offer a free 6 day online training course so you can test their methods, if you choose not to purchase the manual then just taking the 6 day free online course will give you that much more confidence in knowing how to make your pet obey your every command , so check out Dog Obedience Training .

House Train Your Dog


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