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Dog Is Put Down For Looking Like A Pit Bull: Large Public Outcry

Updated on July 11, 2012

The Story Of "Lennox" & The Fight To Save Him

Out of Belfast Ireland, comes a horrific animal cruelty story. City officials made the decision to euthanize a “pit bull-type dog,” that has NEVER harmed a human being, but rather because Pit Bulls are illegal in the United Kingdom.

“Lennox” was a 7 year-old pug-nosed dog with no history or harmful or aggressive behavior – his only crime was that he looked like a pit bull. The city seized Lennox in 2010, claiming he was a dangerous “pit bull-type dog.” For two-years the owners were in a difficult legal battle with the Belfast City Council, trying to prevent the meaningless death of their longtime companion. Lennox’s owners argued the dog was not only NOT dangerous, but that he wasn’t even a pit bull.

World Wide Outrage Sparked

The case sparked world-wide outrage, and even an online “Save Lennox” campaign. Over 200,000 signatures were collected, in an attempt to save the animal; however last month a court upheld a lower court hearing that called for the dog to be put down. The dog’s owner indicated they were denied the opportunity to “say goodbye,” and also denied the dogs body – they receive ashes in the mail.

I think the story is absolutely appalling – especially considering the level of public outcry. I don’t know if the proper term is “discrimination” in a case like this – but it certainly seems like the pit bull breed is, and continues to be discriminated against.

Despite Irish Law - Do You Believe Lennox Should Have Been Released?

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    • Nettlemere profile image

      Nettlemere 5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      I certainly don't think it was fair on Lennox to have been put down, but the owners have to take some responsibility - the dangerous dog act banning pit bulls came into place in 1991, well before Lennox was born, so anyone getting a dog which might turn out pit bull looking really needs to obtain proof of its parentage to try and prevent this sort of thing happening.