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Dog Jobs – the top jobs where you can work with dogs

Updated on August 30, 2010

Looking for some ideas for working with your dog?

Check out this article to see some of the best dog jobs where you work with and around dogs

Many people go to work every day without question and can’t stand it.  They don’t enjoy what they do and they wish they could find a better job, one that they love.  I happen to fall into that category and for me the type of job that I would love are dog jobs.  I really love dogs and love to work with dogs.  I love to watch their smiling face, their willingness to please, and the way their always looking to you to see what you’re going to do next.  This has lead me to research some of the best jobs out there for working with dogs.  I’ve found that there are many good options however many of them require a lot of training or education or else they don’t pay as well or even at all.  Since I need to earn a modest living and am unwilling to go back to school I have included only the most applicable dog jobs that the average person can do.

My personal favorite would be the dog training jobs.  As the title implies, you would train dogs for a living.  This is kind of a broad category and can be anything from training dogs for obedience, to training them for competition (like obstacle courses or jump off the dock competitions) to training dogs for dog shows.  Each one is completely different and would involve many different facets.  For instance an obedience trainer could work with several different dogs every day.  They could work out of their own house, could have their own training business, could work at a pet store that has a training facility or they could go the Cesar Milan route and have their very own TV show.  Meanwhile, competition training would require working with the same dog for long periods of time, being very patient with them while they learn what they’re supposed to be doing and how to improve.  Each of these jobs are very different but provide tons of face to snout contact and would be working with dogs all day.  The tough part is that you have to be strict with the dog, be patient with them and be consistent.  If you can do all three you’ll be well on your way to being a dog trainer. 

Another easy job that would allow you to work with dogs all day is a dog walker.  These people have got it made.  They get paid to walk a dog or two all day.  Well, maybe it’s not that straight forward.  They have to line up the jobs which might be a pain, they would have to walk the dog in whatever weather it was which could suck if it’s snowy or rainy, they don’t really get paid much (but it is getting paid to exercise which is a plus).  This job requires absolutely no training but is probably only in demand in urban and certain suburban areas.

Becoming a dog groomer is a dog job that would allow you to be around dogs all day.  Dirty dogs that need grooming.  Becoming a groomer would require a minimal investment of some pretty standard equipment: brushes, clippers, shampoos, a leash stand so the angry dog doesn’t bite you when you’re getting the mats out.  It may take some practice to get some of the grooming styles right (especially the poodle cuts) but if you start out cheap most people won’t mind.  Probably the hardest part about this job is that you have to deal with some neglected dogs every once in a while.  It’s no fun trying to work on a dog that’s full of mats and snarls and need their nails clipped and the dog isn’t used to doing it.  This type of job would suit people who like to step back and admire their work once their done.

Because these types of dog jobs don’t necessarily make lots of money, one additional way to add to that income would be to moonlight with separate training, grooming, whatever products.  With a minimal investment you can make a DVD of how to train a dog to do dozens of obedience commands or you can make an e-book that shows how to groom a dog and what tips, tricks and tools you can use to save money.

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