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Dog Journal-5- Taking in Sick, Abandoned Dogs

Updated on September 25, 2014
EP's Gorgeous Puppies - Shin, Mu, Aii and Rei
EP's Gorgeous Puppies - Shin, Mu, Aii and Rei | Source

The Abandoned Pomeranian

EP, the Pom, father of the pups is handsome. He is white with black markings, which I find unusual for a Pom. Perhaps he’s a mix. He must be about 5 years old and has some grey around his eyes and his muzzle which had made me think that he must be quite old, but the vet told me otherwise. Five isn’t that old. I don’t know why I named him EP. He is so obedient that I can take him for a walk without his leash. He zips in through the gate when I tell him to come back in.

The New Dog Adjusts to the Other Dogs

Luckily, EP took to my other four dogs right away and they to him. Normally adult dogs only tolerate puppies, but there was no problem with EP. I wonder whether it’s something to do with his special vibrations. And luckily too, he is not the typical yappy Pom. If he does yap a bit much at times, I threaten to douse him with water and that always shuts him up. This technique works with all my dogs. That’s very helpful, especially since my neighbour is a dog hater.

Unmarred Sunsets, Fresh Air Great For Dogs
Unmarred Sunsets, Fresh Air Great For Dogs | Source

Does My Dog Realise the Puppies are His?

Before I ramble on about the neighbour, let me say that I took EP into my bedroom to show him his puppies. Of course, I held him because I didn’t think Kiku would have allowed him to get anywhere near the pups. When my five-year-old mongrel Choco entered my bedroom the other day, Kiku charged at her, barking so loudly that Choco retreated in a hurry, tail between her legs.

Giving an Abandoned Dog a Home

The story of how I found EP is a sad one. A neighbour alerted me to a dog shivering with fear beneath his car, trying to get away from my doggies who were out on their a usual jaunt in the morning. I no longer let them out to run about and play because there has been a poisoning of dogs recently.

Villagers Poison Dogs

I live in a village where sunsets are unmarred by tall buildings and there is plenty of open space in my layout where buildings are still being constructed. In an attempt to kill the dogs who were attacking their chickens, the villagers had lured the dogs with poisoned food. The gullible ones had succumbed – some seven of them, I was told. One of them was Blackie, a young dog Shamu’s age who I had been feeding. That is another story, and in fact, there are many to tell, and I will tell them all as best as I can.

Back to EP. I called my dogs away. They were sniffing around the car, trying to get at EP. The neighbour asked me to look after the dog. He said the dog was shivering from fear and he would have taken him in, but he’s afraid of dogs. He explained how a neighbour’s dog had bitten a chunk out of his behind when he was little. He had ventured into the neighbour’s property after one of the cows that belonged to his family. The dog bit a chunk off from his behind.

The Pomeranian I Took In With One Of His Puppies -Shin -Who Looks Like Him
The Pomeranian I Took In With One Of His Puppies -Shin -Who Looks Like Him | Source

Getting Hold of a Homeless, Scared Dog

Having taken my four dogs back to the house and locked them inside their spacious newly built kennels , I bent to look at the dog. There it was, an unusual black and white Pomeranian, cowering in fear. Seeing me, the dog got up and ran really fast towards the open spaces. I followed him. The neighbour followed with a piece of rope I requested. I approached the dog slowly, speaking softly and reassuringly to him. He looked up at me with brown eyes, cringing a little but not attempting to run away. I realised that the shivering was not fear, but something else. Could it be Distemper, which was why his owners had abandoned him?

Abandoned pets are the saddest thing in the world to behold because they have known better times and are ill equipped to deal with the big bad world and fend for themselves. EP is not the first abandoned dog I have taken in. That is another story.

My Dogs Enjoy Walks In The Sunset
My Dogs Enjoy Walks In The Sunset | Source

People Abandon Sick Pets in Bangalore

The dog allowed me to leash him. He wore a green collar and he followed me quite willingly to the house. When I let the dogs out, they for some reason kept away from EP who barked at them, but not excessively. They must have sensed his illness and distress.

I discovered EP’s love for cars when I took him to the vet that day. He sat in the front seat beside me, totally comfortable, as though he had been in a car before. I was amazed and impressed by his trust. Sure enough, the dog was suffering from remnants of Distemper which was cured pretty quickly and effectively by the medicines prescribed.

Neutering Dogs is Expensive in Bangalore

I did not expect EP to mate with Kiku, who although just about a year old was taller and on her first heat. But eventually, after several attempts, EP succeeded. Neutering is quite an expensive affair, especially when you have so many dogs that need neutering. It is more expensive to operate on a female. I’ll have to get Kiku spayed after she finishes feeding her puppies or it will be chaos again. Who knows, maybe frenzied males from outside could jump the walls to get to her.

I got EP neutered before the puppies were born. The surgery was simple enough but a little too expensive. I wish vets would also do their bit for the community by offering free neutering for rescued dogs. These dogs are better off the streets, not just for themselves but for the community too.

© 2014 Anita Saran


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